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  1. Check out the driver I uploaded at http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3603-rt2870usbwirelessdriverkext-for-mavericks-109/ - extracted from BearExtender Mavericks beta driver - WORKING NOW - restart is ok just drag drop to kext utility - the only problem i have had so far ... now solved
  2. Kext for RT3070 on Mavericks

    check out the driver I extracted at http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3603-rt2870usbwirelessdriverkext-for-mavericks-109/ - working now
  3. Hello There, I want to enable 4 monitor output for asus gt640 (2gd ddr3 model)... 10.8.2 / cartri bios / graphicsenabler=no 1. First installed the card - only two outputs available 2. Installed 10.8.2 nvidia drivers - three outputs ok, wont boot with 4 screens, after boot i can plug the 4th monitor, working, but no wake after sleep. 3. So I installed a 8600gt for the 4th monitor - but now experiencing laggy UI because my pci express frequency is now 8x due to dual graphics cards. Any solutions?
  4. Does anyone have CARTRI BIOS v0.8 for Gigabyte EP45-DS3? Please Help Me !! I cannot find it anywhere - There are versions for other motherboards like DS3R or DS3L - but Cartri has lost the sources - THERE IS NO VERSION for my motherboard !! Please Help... Mac Os X - 10.7.3
  5. Introduce yourself.

    Hey There, This is Overdrive, and this is, I think the first post to InsanelyMac, the ever-growing community Feel Free to Visit My Blog about Idevices, OSx, OSx Apps, Customization and Music Production, very carefully selected and wide-range of links down there : Overdrive's Web Finds
  6. Error installing MacOS X 10.4.6

    is asus a7v-e ok if i have a athlon64 3800+?
  7. Hackintosh for Logic 8, what do I need?

    thanks for your super information so the Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R doesnt have firewire ports natively, how are we gonna attach the firewire 410 to the system? with a pci card? any pci firewire can be used?