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  1. Implement Chameleon Bootloader into the Lion installer

    thats a very good question, i would like this option also, i just copy over the .pkg file over to the package folder, am hoping that it installs with the rest of the .pkg without having to edit anything like kexts.
  2. sleep works fine for me, Dell Inspiron 6400 with Intel core 2 duo and Nvidia 7300 GO, i used the 10.7.0 kext from kexts.com, and it works flawlessly only having issues with my screen going blank when i turn to wake up after the system turns it off due to inactivity, but once it sleeps and wakes back up, everything works without hiccup
  3. [Solved] 10.7.1 lags

    system specs? i fixed mines by installing voodootscsync.kext
  4. PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!! i can't post the link since it leads to a download image but this guy made a .iso which i was able to burn to a CD and install, then boot using the install cd as a [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], then i use the latest ver of charmelon, and copy the extra folder from the dvd to my root, and PRESTO!!, am up and running, also i had to disable one of my cores in order to avoid mouse lag which am working on, the dvd also got a few extra, such as VoodooHDA.pkg which brought back my audio fully working, just gotta see if i could fix my mutlicore support, but EVERYTHING IS UP AND RUNNING FOR ME AM SO HAPPY!!! XD thanks a million to the ppl that tried to help me
  5. i tried that, GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates, still nothing, those were the first flags i tried, after seeing that the C-State management failed, if you guys want a video i could make one also.
  6. sigh, i did over 50 installs trying to fix this problem for he past 3 weeks man am so getting annoyed, fee like sticking to SL, i have iATKOS installed and it works faweless, am wondering if i should wait and see if one comes out for Lion but i know i shouldnt hold my breath.
  7. http://fileape.com/dl/kXemdfCr1vnAHXSb ok thats a copy of my installer log
  8. Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB of ram, Nvidia 7300 Go, sorry for not putting up the specs, any more info ask away, do you really think its the graphics kext? :S cause the first pic said something about login preboot missing or something like that, which i was thinking was the problem, if you guys want, i could make a video.
  9. theres are the errors i keep getting and my computer sits at the last screen, there is alot of HDD activity but does not change at all, i followed usual guide found on here and other website, installed iATKOS, updated to 10.6.8, ran [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], install Lion, reboot, run xMove, reboot, load up installer, when the install loads, i have NO USB SUPPORT or Mouse, Keyboard still works, so i install using the keyboard, after installing, every single boot sits on that very last screen, i have the install logs if you guys would like to look at it also. someone plz help me
  10. ok i know there is a bunch of sleep issue on the internet but am not good with KP at all, anywho to get down to business i get a KP after updating to 10.6.6 and going to sleep, i also deleted my sleepenabler.kext from the extra folder prior to the update and installed the new compatible 10.6.6 sleepenabler from kext.com but after waking up from sleep, my system immediately goes into KP forcing me to restart, am running a DELL Inspiron 6400 with Intel Core 2 Duo and Nvidia 7300 Go vga, can anyone help me?
  11. Facetime Supported Camera

    i dont mind buying a new cam, but does it work in FaceTime i thought only isight built in cam works with facetime, and there is no supported camera list either from what i seen.
  12. Facetime Supported Camera

    ok so as we all know Facetime is out, i have everything installed on my Hackint0sh but when i load facetime it says "Facetime Requires a supported Camera" and then the app forces me to quit is there anyway of knowing what is the list of camera that facetime supports? especially ext USB camera, i currently have a PS3 Eye Cam and Using my iphone 4 via iWebCamera program as a camera also, doubt that will work by a long shot.
  13. TSC sync XNU patch

    ok here is my problem i installed this Kernel patch using OSX86Tools and got everything working great but my laptop now takes 15-20 mins just to boot, it loads ok but sits on the white apple logo screen with the spinning icon at the button forever and after about 15-20 mins it finally loads up the login screen.
  14. RICOH 5-in-1 Card Reader

    this is a known error, dont think anyone cares, lol which kinda sucks but its the only thing that is not working in my inspiron 6400 Laptop, i even got my laptop Wireless N to work and dual core but this memory card reader is absoulte no go.
  15. Dell Inspiron Power Issue

    problem seems to have fixed it self and am now getting my full 3h 40mins to 4 hours of battery life now