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    NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel exception!

    Update to the latest 10.5.5 kexts This will definitely fix your problem.. I had the same problem with my 9300m GS, which also is a G92/G94 GPU Good luck.. BTW: Make sure you have the right NVCAP value if you are using a notebook!
  2. Woutje

    ipod to car stereo connection

    Enoree is right I've recently bought a Kenwood radio + CD. I've got an AUX connection on the front, and i connected my iPod through the Kenwood 5L bus. You can control your iPod through your radio, so you can just keep the iPod in the dash. BTW, kenwood has got some new models, not bad looking at all.. Bought mine for 140E.
  3. Because I couldn't get my GeForce 9300m GS to work on 10.5.4 (or any version) I was waiting to get a pre-release of the new update (10.5.5 with kernel 9.5.0 and a graphics update). The problem I had was that as soon as I added my DevID to NVDAResman.kext, the system.log showed this line: kernel[0]: NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout! And I got a blank screen.. Leopard did boot however.. But after installing 10.5.5 with the graphics update (BTW, 10.5.5 should support Geforce 9m series because it was already in NVDANV50HAL.kext), I still get the same error & blank screen. kernel[0]: NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout! But I also get this message: VGA: match category IOFramebuffer exists Now, I've tried everything from NVCAP settings to GFX strings, but everytime I want to enable Hardware acceleration I get a blank screen.. I hope someone knows what to do.. These are my specs: Intel Montevina (mac users: Cantiga) notebook Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 @ 2,67GHz Intel PM45 chipset + ICH9M nVidia GeForce 9300m GS 256MB 4GB DDR2 800MHz
  4. Woutje

    al662 does not work!

    I think AL662 is ALC662 ... typo?? Never heard of an AL662 codec..
  5. Woutje

    ALC662 No Sound with taruga's patch

    Is there already a solution to get internal speakers working on a notebook? I have the ALC662-GR codec and I have a full Pin-out diagram of the chip (if anyone who understands it needs one...)
  6. Woutje

    al662 does not work!

    I do have the ALC662-GR codec on my notebook.. But I cannot get audio out of it.. I've used the HDApatcher v1.20 and the generic AzaliaAudio kexts, but I get no sound at all.. To get full ALC662 sound, we need a Linux codec dump with amplifier settings..
  7. I think I might have found the problem. When I add my DevID to NVDAResman, I get the following message in the system.log just before my notebook locks up: kernel[0]:NVChannel(GL):Graphics channel timeout! What could this be?? Do I need to try other OpenGL framework?? If so.. how? I did that once, and it ruind my installation..
  8. My notebook has a PM45 chipset + ICH9M.. I am running 10.5.4 with the 9.4.0 kernel now and it works great.. apart from my Video.. I have done about everything I can to get it to work, but it only works in VESA mode.. Everytime I tried to add my Dev ID to NVDAResman.kext I got a black screen.. So that got me searching.. And in DPCI manager, I noticed an unknown device: 8086:2a41. After some searching on the internet I found out that this is the Cantiga PCI Express Graphics Port (Cantiga is the codename of Apple for the Montevina platform, aka Centrino 2). Could this the problem for not haveing Hardware acceleration? And if so, are there drivers for the PM45 chipset, or do I have to wait for the upcoming 10.5.5 release??
  9. I'm running Leo4All V3 updated to 10.5.4 with 9.4.0 kernel (vanilla) for some thime now, and apart from the video & WLAN it works perfectly! I just found out that there is an option in my BIOS which lets me choose EFI for boot... so my notebook support EFI i think.. If possible, what is the advantage of using my notebooks EFI, instead of PC-EFI after the BIOS.. ? and, how should I install LEO on my notebook to make use of the built in EFI? Thanks!
  10. Woutje

    Nvidia 9500m gs partial work

    This doesn't really have much to do with menu's being white, but, when I read your post about messing around with NVDAResman I thought I should ask.. My notebook has a GeForce 9300m GS card (0x06e910de), but every time I add my DevID to NVDAResman (with or without an injector installed) Leo boots with a black screen (no backlight, no LCD signal).. Do you know what the problem might be?
  11. Woutje

    NVIDIA GeForce 9300 MG ?

    ... should work... even though I can't get it to work....
  12. Bump I would really like this to work... Why is my screen turning to black when I add my DevID to NVDAResman.kext?!
  13. I followed that tutorial a few times already, that's how I found out that I got a black screen when adding my DevID to NVDAResman... without having an injector.. and it also does not work with an injector.. I always follow almost every tutorial there is before i start asking questions.. I just hope i'm missing something.. Oh, there is one thing.. When I add my DevID to NVDAResman, the following line shows up in during boot: NVDA: Probe <VGA> ((((than a who lote of NVInjectGo lines..)))) NVDA: Start <VGA> 1 NVDA: Start <VGA> 1 Failed... 1: What could the black screen mean when adding my DevID to NVDAResman 2: Basically, i have to keep trying different NVCAP settings?
  14. (hehe, right topic now? :censored2: ) Yes i tried, while I was trying all the different NVCAP settings I had an LCD on my VGA port, and a TV on the HDMI port.. But they both didn't get a signal.. Could it be that I also have to change something in the NVDAResman.kext, besides the DevID?
  15. I have a very difficult problem.. on my notebook: Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 Intel PM95 + ICH9M chipset nVidia GeForce 9300m GS 256MB vanilla kernel 9.4.0, Leo 10.5.4 all working OK! When I install either 10.5.2 or 10.5.3 Geforce kext, and I add my Device ID to NVDAResman.kext, I get a black screen when Leopard starts to boot (after the grey screen with apple logo, no weird messages with -c boot flag). To find out where the problem is, I added my Device ID kext by kext...First to NVDANV50HAL, which resulted in the message that this kext was succesfully loaded and registered.. But as soon as I add my DevID to NVDAResman.kext leopard boots (can hear startup sound, and my network is connecting) I get a black screen, no backlight, nothing.. This also happens when I try to use the GFX string (EFI) method. I have also tried different NVCAP settings in an injector, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have an idea of what it could be.. you see, my notebook is a Centrino 2 notebook with all kinds of new stupid hardware from Intel.. I ran DPCI and above by nVidia card (10de:06e9) which is not recognized (ERROR: Unknown Device) there's an 'Intel Corperation Device' (also ERROR: Unknown Device) with the following ID: 8086:2a41 (0x2a418086). After some searching on the internet, this could very well be: '8086:2a41: Cantiga PCI Express Graphics Port'. (Cantiga is the codename for the PM45 Penryn/Montevina platform: Centrino 2) so, could it be that I would never get QE/CI because my PCI-E Graphics port is not recognised? Or is this not the problem? (I do have VESA support..) Thanks in advance! -Wout