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  1. Thanks. I installed the powermanagment bundle and after rebooting got suck at the "press restart button screen". Then I restarted with -V and it worked. Go figure!
  2. I have no 'battery' setting at all in my energy settings. It thinks that my laptop is a desktop so there is no reference to battery power at all which is what's causing all the problems. I was actually running 10.5.1 and when I upgraded to 10.5.2 it goes to the black "hold down your power button to restart" screen unless I start it up plugged into the AC adapter.
  3. Yes it's only when I go on battery power. The system takes forever to startup then it freezes and when I click on a dock item it bounces really fast and the application will open minutes later .. it's all very bizarre. But again, I go on AC power and everything works beautifully but unfortunately that means that I can't ever go mobile. If anybody can help me resolve this issue I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Dell Inspiron 8600 but Leopard shows it as a Mac Pro. Plugged into the power adapter the system works perfectly but when I unplug it and run on battery power it goes completely insane and becomes unstable and unusable. How can I fix this? Thank you
  5. I have the same problem and still can't fix it with that thread. After installing those files, I reboot but nothing changes in my energy system preferences. Can you please give me hand? Thanks.
  6. Hey hhjjppww, can you explain this part better for me or lay it out line by line the correct way? I'm a noob and can't get this work. chmod -r 755 and chown -r root:weel in the Terminal repair permission
  7. I can't use my laptop on the road becasue it only runs ok with the power cable pluged in. please help. Thanks
  8. Anybody? My laptop is useless when I unplug it need to go on the road with it!!
  9. Someone had me install a powermanagemnet bundle and reboot but that made no difference at all. When i boot up on battery power the system takes forever to show the desktop and then everything starts to crash. Can anybody help me please???
  10. 8300GS in Leopard

    hey knowhate, whats' you problem dude? you don't want to help? you know what it's like to ask someone for help so how about lending some yourself?
  11. Hi guys, I used nofxx's method and my internet worked too but it crashes alot and I loose my web connection and local network connection to the point where i"m always rebooting so I can connect to anything. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. 8300GS in Leopard

    Can anybody help me please?
  13. Problems only after undocking laptop

    Hey Sticman, ok I d/led the file but when I went to backup the existing one found that I never had that file to begin with in the extensions folder. Anyway, I added your file there and rebooted undocked but there was no change at all and in the energy saver settings I didn't see anything about battery or ac power management, so it's like I'm not even on a laptop. Any other suggestion? Thanks again.
  14. Problems only after undocking laptop

    Thanks again I'll give that a shot tomorrow and test it out.