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    Sun confirms ZFS is default Leopard filesystem

    Um... a top secret feature? Remember, there are still 8 top secret features, that we haven't heard about from WWDC06. Desktop Finder Sure, you could call Stacks one, so make that 7 secret features left.
  2. Personally, I would rather just expand an image like this to an iPod or another hard drive temporarily and do the install from there. Then, you really aren't wasting anything!
  3. projectle

    Sun confirms ZFS is default Leopard filesystem

    Um... How would one non-destructively replace their filesystem?
  4. projectle

    Leopard sideshow sort of feature?

    Sideshow is Dashboard on a dedicated secondary display.
  5. projectle

    Time Machine and Airport Disk

    On paper, yes it does, the problem is that it is backing up EVERYTHING based on changes in metadata (such as file access time). That is why you can magically end up with 70 copies of your kernel in Time Machine in no time flat.
  6. projectle

    Leopard as soon as March

    Where the hell do you people get this information? Leopard runs on EVERYTHING, G3 unofficially, G4 no problems, G5 no problems, Intel 32-bit and Intel 64-bit just fine. Quit spouting off mindless garbage that you know nothing about! The applications use Fat Binaries, ones that have extra code added to them to allow them to run natively under multiple architectures. The big thing in programs are the Resource Files, the ones that give you your UI, your icons, and all that other stuff. While it is actually an "All In One", it does not have multiple versions of the same files on the disc. It is one OS that runs everywhere and you can swap between architectures with no issues.
  7. projectle

    10.4.9 - 8P130 PPC + 8P2130 Intel Leaked

    Help save my Oink account and download 10.4.9. If you do so, I will ensure you that you will get access to the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer faster than anyone else can get them to you! If in 48 hours people do not download 1GB from me, then I will not be able to get the newest stuff to you.
  8. projectle

    10.4.9 - 8P130 PPC + 8P2130 Intel Leaked

    We already have the builds up on Oink! Looks like Apple has given us enough practice to get this done damn fast! Maybe it will continue for the next Leopard build.
  9. projectle

    iTunes Problems

    Looks like we just get to wait for a few days until a new update comes out (both Leopard and iTunes as neither "work" "well" at the "moment").
  10. projectle

    Keychain Problems

    Do you really think that people will fall for sending you their keychains (passwords)? Even if your problem were remotely legit, why did you not pull the file directly form your Leopard installation DVD? It is in Essencial.pkg You claim to have done it from your Tiger installation DVD with no success.
  11. I agree, the challenge should be a Grid Spacing tool that works everywhere (all finder folders and the desktop) where you can assign both Grid Spacing Horizontal & Grid Spacing Vertical to make it so that when you are using the Side Descriptions you do not have an extra half of an icon before the next one. Screen real estate is valuable. As well, I am sure that someone would like a new finder system like we have in iTunes where you can make the icons larger and the larger they become the more metadata is displayed. So, you have icons set to 200px X 200px that happens to be a *.jpg, you can fit a title + 8 lines of text, so add the date that it was taken, the exposure settings, the camera type, the lens type, camera orientation, (other options from iPhoto that will fit). If you had an Application, you would have Title, Developer, Application Type (Game, Productivity, Multimedia, etc.), Year Released, Spotlight Descriptions (if any) If you had an audio file, you have Title, Artist, Disc, Disc Number - Track Number, Genre, (other info). As one final addition, viewing an audio or video file through finder should see if there is Album Art avaliable for that file and if so replace the icon with the album art from iTunes. We could call this "WAFFTF - We Are Finally Fixing The Finder"
  12. projectle

    Time Machine Time?

    Yep, on PPCs (sometimes). It appears to be caused by Leopard not updating OpenFirmware's date when shutting down. If you tick the NTP option off, on, off, on, it will usually update OF and life will be super magical again. Now, it is time to wipe out Leopard because I have an appointment with the Apple Store to fix some "issues".
  13. projectle

    Leopard Upgrade Costs?

    That is of course unless you stop by a University Bookstore where it costs $59.95 USD (I got my copy withouth showing a student ID, perhaps you can do the same. Sure, since then I had bought a new powerbook, and CoreDuo Mac Mini and an G5 iMac, but it was still a heart warming experience to know that Apple cares enough about the Students to make OS X avaliable for a really low price to make it impractical to torrent it. Now, if they would only realize that public, fully functional betas released every other week would stop people from whining and crying and pirating then we would be in a world that would make me cream myself on a daily basis.
  14. projectle

    Firefox Ported to Intel Macs

    So... What it all comes down to is Firefox for Darwin x86. Sure Darwin is the basis for OSX, but that is also like saying that water is the basis for an ocean. What we really need is an Aqua-Like UI for Linux. If we had that and Photoshop, then I would be happy until the end of time. Currently I am stuck with my old version of Photoshop 6 under Wine so that I can get away from Windows and still have a reasonably high performance notebook. Lets face it, a 17-inch G4 Powerbook just in no way compares to a Clevo-based Turion64 with a 17-inch 1920x1200 screen. Then take into account that it only set me back $1800 USD. If we had a working G5 Powerbook, then hands down Apple is the way to go. Now, with the move to the x86-ish architecture, then hopefully it will be again, atleast in the notebook enviroment. As for desktops, there is no point looking at anything other than Apple.