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  1. TheWineLover

    MacGirl Needs New "Mac"

    I so appreciate your honesty and recommendations. I'm certainly not a newbie in the tech realm just in the hackintosh arena. I'll certainly take your advise and see what RampageDev has to say. Nope... no relation but at least the title got your attention! ;-) Cheers!!!
  2. TheWineLover

    MacGirl Needs New "Mac"

    Hey y'all. I'm a web designer & front end developer who is a die hard Mac user. Currently, I'm typing this on a 2010 C2D MBP... it tends to overheat with Photoshop running and pretty much anything else at the same time. So, I'm in the market for a new computer for my business. Currently, I'm looking at "real" iMacs and Mac Minis but the price for my little business is astronomical. So, I'm considering trying my hand at a Hackintosh. I'm looking at getting this: ASUS Zenbook UX21ERF-DH52. Specs for this little ditty are here: http://www.cnet.com/laptops/asus-zenbook-ux31e-dh52/4505-3121_7-35033683.html Has anyone attempted to make this a Lapintosh? If so, what were your findings both pros and cons. Also, being a die hard Mac user, is there a "feel" difference in speed & performance with Hackintoshes? I've never had the pleasure with working with one.
  3. TheWineLover

    Install 10.5.2 over 10.5.3?

    Hey y'all... while I know many of you are very happy to see the 10.5.3 update, it's completely broken my keyboard/mouse preferences where it won't even allow me to access them at all. Which means I can't even use the right click with my MBP. So, my question is can I install the 10.5.2 combo update from Apple's site to "revert" back as it worked properly before? :unsure:No longer an issue. I reinstalled the 10.5.3 update and voila! all fixed... *shrug*All fixed! I reinstalled 10.5.3 update and now for some reason the Keyboard & Mouse prefs are back in business minus the kernel panics. *shrug*
  4. TheWineLover

    Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi Boondocks. I, too, have an Acer 7720 (it actually is a 7720-6155) yet I have the Intel video card. And thus, I'm curious to know which exact model. I can't get the ISO to do much of anything... and I'm wondering if you had trouble getting it on your system. What about your WLAN? Does it work? What kind of card do you have?