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  1. But you can do what ever you want with the 4th that is open source. Like I managed to install core linux commands into the open source unix of macintosh. Now i can run both linux and mac programs side by side without virtualization
  2. I dont see what you think is so funny. it is actually correct grammar (english is stupid), that you can laugh at. im just trying to make sure this does not happen to our osx86 install .
  3. Sorry to be so negative, but if this goes through apple could screw you all out of osx86. Macs have had built in hardware decoders to increase the performance and reliability of quicktime, itunes, garageband, recording software, etc. It also powers core video. (why I have not seen one hackintosh with core video working, aka the black hole in time machine being animated). It also makes it run windows better than computers designed for windows of the same specs. That Chip is proprietary. Also macs do not use bois. They use efi which is way different. (there are few pcs that have an efi capable motherboard. So apple at any time could make that decoder chip mandatory for startup. Thus screwing all OSx86. The way that they got macintosh to run on the pc your using is by emulating the efi. However it would be next to impossible to emulate that decoder chip without serious performance issues. Once again sorry for being so negative. Just reminding you your in dangerous waters.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Is the same for the 3945 wifi card. I dont own a 4965. Im sorry Im new to programing(but im a fast learner).
  5. Ok Ill give it a try , Ive never coded on a mac before. So right now it apears that the problem is with network selecter not turning on the card, so do we know if its a problem with network selector or the driver? Ill work on the 3945 for now. Also this was made from the kde linux version of the driver right? (just want to get my info right)
  6. Hello, Um is this written in C? If it is i might be able to help.