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  1. 10.6.3 Released !

    Updated Just Fine Here EP45-UD3P did not have sleepenabler to begin with..... no sound issues or anything like that....
  2. UD3P Snow Leopard Upgrade?

    dude, there is a seperate thread for this mobo..........search around....i used ud3R guide and worked just fine http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181903
  3. 10.6.1 is out!

    Updated Just fine here as well
  4. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    from my experience, the "Mac OS not yet set" occurs due to wrong boot file in your root folder...try a few different boot files from different Guides and c if you have any luck..if you want, i can upload mine.
  5. [Solved] QuickTime X

    After Much Trouble and Searching I finally Found the Solution
  6. [Solved] QuickTime X

    i tried JackOSX and it didn't work in Snow Leo but seems to be working with Leopard as i found configurations for it in the System Preference. if you can get JackOSX to work with Snow Leo plz let me know so
  7. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    i'm not sure why cuz i have the same BIOS as u (F6), could be that you have to enable it....what i mean to say is that ... you know to overclock ur CPU you have to switch the auto mode to manual so you can enter your desired values...could be related to this...go into overclock settings and instead of auto choose manual and go back to C4 state and c if u can enable it...i'll post my bios settings later.
  8. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    for IDE drive try using the JMicron.kext from the UD3R guide cuz IDE and purple sata's run off the JMircon chip
  9. [Solved] QuickTime X

    I tried looking up virtual jack but couldn't find it and virtual audio cable is available only for pc's but i found something interesting. "The other day I was playing some audio from a web site that would not allow me to save it in any reasonable format. Sure, I could purchase/download either WireTap Pro or Audio Hijack to do the job, but why go through all the hassle when I had a copy of QuickTime Pro? Thanks to one of the new features in Quicktime Pro 7, you can easily record audio or video going into your Mac. But what about the audio coming out of it? All you need is a 1/8" to 1/8" audio cable (look at your local electronics store if you don't already have one). For me, I just plugged one end into the headphone/audio out jack, and the other end into the audio input/mic jack. In QuickTime, make sure that the monitor/input volume is muted, hit the Record button, and then hit Stop when the audio is finished. I admit that this is a somewhat clunky solution compared to other software-based options, but I just wanted to use what I had without spending money on other apps." http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...051219161639252
  10. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    I was able to install Snow Leo on this board, i just want to know if your mic is working, the system profiler does recognize the in-put but when i plug the microphone in there is no sound....sorry, i'm not sure if this is kext related issue or DSDT editing (i used the UD3R DSDT, but i did modify it for my network card) Hope you could help me.
  11. [Solved] QuickTime X

    sounds good, alternatively u can use wares like ishowu or screenflow and a freeware alternative called Jing i believe, but nonetheless its kinda {censored}y on apples part to do this......
  12. [Solved] QuickTime X

    yep, i'm looking into it and c if i can figure something out.....keep me informed if you find something
  13. [Solved] QuickTime X

    Are you sad that your QuickTime X does not record system sound....But Fear not...my very good friend "google" helped me solve this problem:- 1. Download Both Attachments (no Duh!) 2. Install "SnowLeopardSoundflower.mpkg" 3. Install "Soundflower-1.5.1.dmg" 4. Run "Soundflowerbed" application found in /Application/Soundflower, now you should see a little flower in the top right hand corner of your menu bar. 5. Click on the Flower and under "Soundflower (2ch)" click on Built-in Line Output and leave "Soundflower (16ch)" OFF (you can also use 16 ch. too but its mostly for more complicated outputs) 6. Open up System Preferences --> Sound --> Output....You should see "Soundflower (2ch) and Sound flower (16ch)...go ahead and click on "Soundflower (2ch)" 7. Open QuickTime X --> File --> New Screen Recording and now click on the little Triangle to bring up the Drop down menu and then select "Soundflower (2ch)" 8. Keep the volume to minimum in quicktime while recording videos or else it will cause echoes (sorry i don't know why...i'm not an expert on this ) Note:- IF INCASE 2ch DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU THEN TRY 16ch (just replace 2ch with 16ch in very step above) This is it if you followed the steps correctly then you should not have any trouble recording system audio with video! Enjoy any questions and comments are welcome Update:- If you are experiencing crashes or no sound after about 10-15 mins than Remove "JackRouter" from /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/JackRouter and restart your computer. I would say Stick It SnowLeopardSoundflower.mpkg.zip Soundflower_1.5.1.dmg
  14. i'm having a different issue, i'm not able to record audio with screen recording using quicktime X. I tried selecting built-in line input and other options available for sound but nothing worked so far i wonder if this is kexts related issue, would any1 confirm? I have been trying to record COD4 gameplay and quicktime captures is just fine but no audio to go with it....
  15. i'm running x64 and all seems to be stable video, audio, internet etc no KPs or random crashes so far running time of about 2+ hours played COD4 runs very smooth and stable, even better than leopard .