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  1. did you guys know if you rip your nipple off it heals back? just felt like letting you know that
  2. Adekwolfstan

    Apple iDrive - Smallest mac ever

    lol i love the people that took u seriously
  3. Adekwolfstan

    Snow leopard 10.6 First Video!

    well apple has never really let us down in the past, was this video from WWDC this year?
  4. Adekwolfstan

    WoW installer.app problem

    mine worked fine
  5. I am going to path my version of OS X and I cant find a program to rip he dvd with. Can someone help me out here? I have to rip it to an ISO.I need the program for osx and not winblows
  6. Adekwolfstan

    Parody of Macbook Air Ad

    Ha! that was great!
  7. Adekwolfstan

    Cheap iPhone's

    I was on Apple's site the other day and I was looking under the iPhone section in the store. Apple sells refurbished iPhones for only $350(16gig iPhone) I looked again the next day and they were gone. I guess they only have a small ammount of them at a time. Hope anyone could use this
  8. I have to agree with mark up there, all phones have there flaws. Unless you are going to create your own phone company and build your own phones then stop complaining. Its one of the most revolutionary devices of the century! Enjoy it people!
  9. Adekwolfstan

    Problem: Installing Leopard 10.5.1 on a Asus P5N-E SLI

    cool thanks, i kinda figured i would have to dl a version, but ive been running arround like a chicken with my head cutoff trying to get this disk to work, thanks n e way!
  10. I ahve a Asus P5N-E SLI board and a Factory OS X Leopard 10.5.1 Disk, and my computer wont boot from the DVD! I know it can I have done it before. Do I have to download a Hackintosh version or is there a way i can still use my disk. Please help!BTW, I would prefer not downloading hackintosh, im very impatient
  11. Adekwolfstan

    Final Cut 2 W/ Shake 4.1

    Final Cut 2 W/ Shake 4.1, Wow. I have never seen such a complex program in my life! Plus with about a month of tutorials i feel like a movie producer! Plus i have probally made the best youtube videos ever created with shake add on. Thank you Apple once again!
  12. Adekwolfstan

    KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    yes! damn, long ass download.
  13. Adekwolfstan

    burned on to disc but not booting up

    Did you make sure you burned it as an ISO?
  14. Adekwolfstan

    Installing Leopard On Intel PC

    sorry im a newb
  15. Adekwolfstan

    Installing Leopard On Intel PC

    I have booted from a DVD on my PC before and I know how to install OS X on a PC, but on my PC now I cant get it to boot from the Leopard DVD. I updated my Bios, and I cant find any setting to make it boot from a DVD. Can someone Please help! Thanx alot!