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  1. Hi everyone, i've installed osx 10.4.6 successfully and i've chosen German as main language but when osx starts, the desktop (Finder?) is in english - Jas_install_DVD_10.4.6 can i change the language from english to german? thanks for help!
  2. PC-Keyboard

    Hi, i have no problem with my notebook an ram. OSX shows and work with 512MB, but thanks for your warning. Because of the keyboard-keys, there where no solution for my problem. I tested uConntrol, iJet, ... but the systempreferences always says that "there is a new version of this program, please contact the developer". and the keys don't let to customize it. any other solutions? by the way, my intel 2915abg wireless card also do not work, but i read in this Topic (http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=3275) that there are such members who works on a driver for osx. If you have the same card and she did work or you have a solution, please post!! greets nonck
  3. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    Hi, i listen to this topic since two weeks and don't know how it goes on. I have a Intel 2915A/B/G wireless networkcard in my IBM Thinkpad T30. OSX works fine on this machine - fast and stable (dev. DVD + Jas DVD-Patch) up to the intel wireless card. I don`t know how should i do to get it to work. I consider that i should buy a new minipci networkcard. Can anyone tell me how long it can take to finish the driver for this card? and what mini pci wireless-lan card do you prefer for OSX and IBM? greets nonck
  4. PC-Keyboard

    Servus, danke für deine Antwort, hab aber keine Windowstaste auf meiner Tastatur!! nonck
  5. Hi, I have allready installed OSX successfully on my IBM T30. All works fine and my PC-keyboard with german-support too. But my problem is, that i have to programming java, so i need such special keys like {[]} | and @. I wrote in treats that i have to take the windows key + Q for @ but i have not got a windows-key on my keyboard. Have any a idea where i can get a patch for my PC-keyboard, that the special keys works fine (alt-gr +7, alt-gr + 8, ....)on my osx? (alt-gr = crtl) And i want to thank all members in this forum for there help to make it possible, install Mac-OSX on Windows-PC's. nonck