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    Weird Dashboard bug

    Hi, Since a month or two I have a weird bug/lag in Dashboard (screenshot included). Rebooting won't help sadly. Anyone familiar with this problem? Thanks, Glenn
  2. Wizkid4590

    Show Your Connection Speed!

    Home connection @UPC Fiber Power: College @Surfnet lightconnection 6: Location: The Netherlands
  3. Wizkid4590

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Ok now i've got still waiting for root device tried netkas' ICHx drivers for SL no result also searched but everyone who has still waiting for root device on SL hasn't got a solution yet.
  4. Wizkid4590

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Gonna try it now thanks! Edit: Got still waiting for root device error adding chipset driver to the cd now..
  5. Wizkid4590

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Hi, I created a cd as described in the first post the only kext I added was VoodooHDA (0.2.2 beta). When I insert the SL dvd chameleon shows the dvd as Apple_HFS and when i press enter to boot the dvd it says it can't find mach_kernel. I also used this SL dvd for my MacBook and it's running fine so it's not my SL dvd. Specs are below and I'm currently on 10.5.8. Can someone tell me what I've done wrong?
  6. Wizkid4590

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    System Specs are in my signature. With HD: Without HD:
  7. Wizkid4590

    System Profiler error

    Someone has a solution for this problem? All the other tabs are working properly. Thanks in advance!
  8. Wizkid4590

    Hoe werkt VMWare?

    Weet iemand hier misschien hoe je Mac OS X 10.4.1 via VMWare aan de praat krijgt???
  9. Wizkid4590

    Avance AC97 Audio Driver

    Ik heb een onboard geluidskaart de AC97 het probleem is ik hoor niks. Dat ligt aan de driver ik heb er namenlijk geen. HEEFT IEMAND HIER ER EEN VOOR ME? In English: I search for a driver for the Avance AC97 onboard soundcard. (my English is bad )
  10. Wizkid4590

    Mac OS X 10.4.6 start niet op

    eey, Ik heb vandaag mac os x mbv daemon tools in vmware geinstalleerd maar hij start niet verder op dan dit. Wie kan mij verder helpen?
  11. Wizkid4590

    System Profiler error

    Did'nt work... vanilla smbios was the cause..
  12. Wizkid4590

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    It's the island La Digue (above Madagascar)
  13. Wizkid4590

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    http://img26.picoodle.com/img/img26/4/3/7/...gim_8915b85.jpg :censored2:
  14. Wizkid4590

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

  15. I need to use flag cpus=1 when this bios feature is disabled but when enabled i can use 4 cores (no flags).
  16. Enable Executive Bit (force XD flag to 0) in your bios than 4 cores are working. I've got the same problem when this is disabled with my q6600.
  17. Wizkid4590

    Who has this wallpaper?

    For full size click the thumbnail scroll to the bottom of the page copy the link from the box next to ''URL'' and paste it in the address bar of your browser hit return full size res: pic 1: 2000x1250 pic 2: 1437x952 pic 3: 2000x1250
  18. Wizkid4590

    Who has this wallpaper?

    Here ya go! Leopard Client: Other Space Wallpaper: Leopard Server: Click to enlarge!
  19. Wizkid4590

    Who has this wallpaper?

    Is this one working?