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  1. Some years ago I had the UX1 and OSX Tiger on my macbook. It was working fine, until some day I by accident renamed my user home folder. The UX1 then started to make bursts of white noise occasionally.

    I read somewhere on the Line6 forums that others have experienced the same problems and some also had similar problems when creating multiple user accounts on the system.


    As I remember it, renaming my home folder back to what I was before did not solve the problem, so I did a clean install and the UX1 worked fine again. Strange issue, dont know if it's any help...

  2. Uhmm so you are able to run the Logic benchmark test mentioned in the first post on your Windows system with Cubase/Nuendo, congrats then.... :(

    I don't doubt I'm able to playback way over 100 audio tracks with logic8 or cubase for that matter.... That is just not as interesting as running tracks with a heavy reverb plugin :-P


    However I run Cubase4 on my Hackintosh system and did a little test a while ago with the Albino3 synth. Just a 4 note chord over 1 bar, same buffer settings etc.. Cubase use VST and Logic8 AU so it's not exactly the same setup but as close as it gets I think.

    I was able to do 10 more stero tracks within Cubase4 compared to Logic8. Or 40 more notes if you like.

    I believe it was about 30 Albino3 steroe tracks with logic and 40 in Cubase....

  3. Tested with a Line6 Toneport UX8 @ 256 samples.

    Same results as the others with similar specs.


    Overclocking the CPU from 2.4GHz to 3GHz gave 3 more tracks.

    Upgrading from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 gave 1 more track.



  4. Hi


    I have a similar setup. It's a P35-DS3L board with Leo4allv3 installed and it works perfect with my Toneport UX8 running Cubase4.


    The onboard IDE controller has to be disabled in BIOS, or else USB will be troublesome, at least for me in my system.

    It will work but it'l be damn slow. Even the USB mouse vil lag.


    The Jmicron (IDE controller) is known to cause trouble when running 4GB+ Ram and AHCI enabled at the same time.

    Kernel panics will happen.


    So a setup with only S-ATA devices, AHCI enabled and the onboard IDE controller disabled is the way to go, as I see it.


    Been running for over a month with many hours a day of recording sessions in Cubase4 with the UX8. I have not had a single system

    crash, yet.


    good luck

  5. I have this odd problem with my USB device that goes something like this:


    Devices won't connect at startup, which means that my Apple alu keyboard and USB mouse is useless. Well, at least for a while, in the meantime I can use a PS/2 mouse and keys. The thing is that if I just sit and wait for 2-10 minutes (or just use the PS/2 in the meantime), my USB device eventually will connect and work just fine. :D


    I've tried alot af suggestions from reading threads on this board, and the above solution did not solve the problem.


    However, I just found some sort of fix, that probably won't help others, but works for me until further.


    The thing is, that I have this Line6 Toneport UX8 soundcard that is connected via USB and an external power supply. I just power on the UX8 and all USB device now work, including the UX8 (if the driver is installed). The driver for UX8 isn't even necessary for getting the other USB devices to work, just as long as it's powered on and the USB

    cable is connected. I did try swapping around USB cables/ports and BIOS settings, without any luck.


    Hmmm... I find this behavior very strange... :lol:


    I know this probably aren't very helpful, but I read many having various USB issues, and this maybe related to the ones experiencing similar issues?




  6. Same here on a DS3L board. I've tried with and without AHCI enabled.


    Leo4allV2 installed fine from my IDE DVD drive onto SATA HD drive , but it locks up randomly once installed...


    The most succesfull install I have done so far, was with the Kalaway 10.5.1 + update (The 10.5.2 release gives me USB problems)

  7. If you want to you can add Line6 Toneport UX8 to 10.5.x HCL - Just install the driver/software from their website.


    I think it's safe to add all Line6 Toneport's in general as they all use the samme driver/software. One little tip which solved my problems with occasionally audio drop outs when playing music in iTunes etc., is try to raise the voltage a little bit (+0.03V) on the motherboard. I had to do this with my GA-P35-DS3L to be able to completely get rid of problems with USB devices. Both in OS X and Windows.



    Also Frontier Design Alphatrack works as it should with Cubase 4 and Logic 8 in OS X with the driver/software from the manufactures website.

  8. Thanks for the guide. Much appreciated.


    Works fine on my system.


    GA-P35-DS3L (rev2.0)

    Q6600 @2.7GHZ OC'ed

    S-ATA : Western Digital WD2000JD-60KLB0 (1. partition OSX, 2. partition Vista32bit)

    Western Digital WD2500KS-00MJB0

    P-ATA : Seagate ST3120026A

    Toshiba Samsung CD/DVDW TS-H552D

    4 GB RAM Dual Channel moe (@900Mhz)

    Asus EN7950GT PCI-E (had to flash the bios to get nvinject working)

    USB hub with Frontier Design Alphtrack, Apple alu keyboard, Logitech mouse, Syncosoft dongle(steinberg Cubase dongle)

    Line6 Toneport UX8



    I've gone through many reinstalls the past 2 weeks, and learned alot by trial and error and trying to get dual boot working (Vista/OSX) and now it

    finally works as I was hoping.


    Only issue so far is when I copy a 1GB+ file from my IDE hardrive onto the OSX partition which is on a S-ATA with ACHI enabled in BIOS,

    I get a kernel panic error. But I saw in another thread some discusion on this with no solution so far. However I installed the Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD

    from my IDE DVD drive with no issues. And updated to 10.5.2


    My biggest problem was to get the Line6 Toneport UX8 to work properply in OSX. It installed fined and seemed to work, but occasionally it would make

    a half a second audio drop out when playing a mediafile in iTunes etc. Another strange behaviour I had in Windows (both Vista and XP) was whenever I changed the

    screen resolution in any computergame, my UX8 and USB hub would loose the USB connection. Resulting in no sound, a dead keyboard and mouse.

    Kinda strange since the both the Toneport UX8 and USB hub have eksternel PSU's.


    Well I suspected this to be a power issue anyway and tried to raise the voltage in the bios by +0.03V and also a little for the CPU also. With a sidebonus being able

    to overclock the sucker a little bit to 2.7GHz (Haven't tried to go beyond that yet, but it seems stable for now)


    The raise of the voltage did the trick and solved both the resolution changing issue in windows gaming, and the audio drop out in OS X.

    Been running for a few days and so far so good, as long as I don't copy huge files from the IDE controller. :(