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  1. Hello all, I wanted to install the 10.4.9 1.4 Uphuck version on my pc: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 DVD-drive (IDE) Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4 G.Skill 2 GB RAM OCZ Power Supply 600 Watt Expertvision 8800GT 500 GB Samsung Spinpoint (SATA) My Problem: At first, I created a HFS+ partition of 10 GB on my hard drive. Went well, so I continued with burning the uphuck .iso to a bootable dvd. Then I rebooted my pc, and waited for the bootloader to appear. Ok, went down all the small white letters, and i got to the starting point. I chose Utilities, Disk Utility and selected the HFS+ Partition. Then I went to Erase, and selected to Erase it as MAC OS X Journaled extended. So far so good, but after this, it all goes wrong. Until this part, I hear my dvd drive reading , with some noise, so i could hear it reading. but after I click on the erase button, everything is silent. Only my HDD-led stays (in my case) red. So I waited a while, but nothing happened. But I can still use my mouse, but i can't click on anything. But the strangest thing.. I cannot open my dvd-drive. not even a blinking light. Tried so far: I re-created a HFS+ partition, but didn't work. (used G-Parted to make the partition) I changed my dvd-drive from master to slave.. no success Removed my CD-drive.. no succes Does anyone have a solution for this problem? (sorry for english!)
  2. Freeze during (any) installation

    Hey, seems you're not the only one.. I've got the same problem as you. And a friend of mine also has. Sometimes at the progress bar it freezes, and can't even open my dvd-drive. so i rebooted, and tried again, but now i got further, till disk utility, and again, freeze. Anyone got an answer?