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  1. much love! Loaded the x64 driver, according to sys-profiler. Between this and PTHVolume my SL install is rockin!
  2. Total (almost) Success!

    First off, huge thanks to everyone on the forum. Without your help I would be stuck in a mobile XP world The juice - Dell D610 base model notebook (no on-board wireless/bluetooth) JaS Patched 10.4.3 install patched IO80211....kext Dell TruMobile BCM 4309/4306/4324 (actually returns different results depending on how probed) MiniPCI (yay eBay!!) I used a couple of short wires (stripped CAT5) to connect pins 2 to 12 and 1 to 6 on the vga out port to enable the onboard LCD (this actually took quite a bit of research, and as of yet I've only seen a couple of forum posts about it). QE/CI work (as expected, GMA900 video), sound in/out, Dell docking station full support...now my only non-functioning piece is the PC Card slot, which aside from firewire, I have no use for. Now some history.... I've been a Sys/Network Engineer for the better of 7 years, bought by first mac (a 6100) in '97, my second (upgraded 8500) in '99, and my 3rd (and up to this point current workstation, pimped out B&W) in '00, and as of Tuesday, as soon as the store came back online, my replacement workstation, base-model Intel Mini. We've got 3 macs, not including this hacked up Dell and the Mini on the way (PB G3, B&W, iMac G4). Family loves them, they're low maintenance for me, and we all get to be at our creative best Again, thanks to everyone for your help, and keep up the great work! -- LN