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  1. By the way, just telling you that I`ve tested Final Cut Studio, it works perfectly, all the apps.
  2. Leo freezes randomly during session

    Well..it seemed to have worked for a while, but now, problem persists. Tried to slip a new kernel, but no success.
  3. Leo freezes randomly during session

    I've found the problem! I first tought it was related to heavy network usage, but i'm using an USB Wireless Device and the problem shows up when I have a high Disk usage. After checking the activity monitor again, i've found that Finder was not responding. The solution was simple: remove com.apple.finder.plist on /library/preferences/ Then reboot or just log off and login again. This have fixed the problem If you guys are having this problem, try checking if Finder isn't the problem, force quit it might restore if for a while, then you try doing this little tweak. (no problem in deleting this file, as soon you relog, a new one will be created which will prob. be not corrupted)
  4. Hello, This guide is great, but I'm having a few problems with my Leopard installation, also I'm adding more information regarding my installation, which might be useful. My PC spec is on my signature, I'm using BIOS 0901, but in the past I've tested something like 06xx. Both work fine. I've installed iAtkos using a pre-patched DVD that has nForce SATA support, so this way I could slip my Leo installation on my 320Gb HD, which worked. Previously I had a good working installation on my Windows HD, but I've bought a new HD just for mac as I need a lot of space to work with Final Cut Studio (which worked on my first installation). I had a few problems during installation, for exemple, I have a Core2 processor but it will only boot with SSE3 modified kernel. I'm trying to test other kernels because I'm having a problem that's annoying me, and I believe it has something to do with kernel. When Leo is under heavy load, it will simply stop responding. The screen freezes (cursor moves, but on the "loading" mode). The "working" light on my CPU shows no work. Tried to wait, but PC won't respond, so I just reboot. I tried to detect the problem using a monitor to see any high CPU usage from any process, but everything seems to be normal on the moment of the "death", except that it's a moment of natural load: entering application (can be anyone: iTunes, Photoshop, MSN), switching spaces or the most annoying one: when installing something. Do you know any solution or possible cause for this problem? Can you send me via MP (or links) working kernels (mainly the golden kernel that i can`t find) or any other ones that might work? By the way, something that I need to ask is, how to properly update to version 10.5.2 - besides the kernel, what kexts should be found on a newer version or overwrite the update new insert? Thanks
  5. Sata Problem

    What's your PC specification? Probably you got a motherboard with nForce chipset. Those ones are terrible because the installation will never find your SATA disk. You have 2 solutions: 1- Get an IDE Hard-disk 2- Try a pre-patched installation DVD that comes with nforce support. Try looking at: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87901
  6. Hey, can any one help me with this issue? I got Leopard (iatkos 1.2 pre-patched for nforce) 10.5.1 installed on my PC on a separate HD and it's working perfectly, except that sometimes it freezes. Windows stop responding and then the cursor shows up like loading and the system hangs for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it takes so much to respond so I need to reboot, but this is annoying me. I've tried to monitor the CPU and Memory load with an utility that comes with Leopard, but it doesn't show anything wrong overloading my pc. I believe this could be some sort of kext problem. Any insights? Thanks
  7. VMware Install?

    Theorically: Yes you can run any MacOS under a virtualization envoirment. In Practice: No, it will depend on the Leopard build. I'm not sure about most of the leopard releases out there, but i'm sure iAtkos will be the one closer to work under VMWare. Start out trying iAtkos on your virtual PC, it can work.
  8. It's not working on Leopard 10.5.1 installation. It detects the USB dongle (Linksys WUSB54G), but won't find any network in range. Can anyone help with this?
  9. Wireless usando um adaptador USB - Qual comprar?

    Existem vários dispositivos de rede USB que seguem um padrão. Eu não tenho o link em mãos agora, mas qualquer dispositivo compatível com o driver Realtek 2500 (RT2500) vai funcionar no Mac. Eu tenho um Linksys WUSB54G e instalando os drivers RT2500 ele funciona uma beleza. Já existem modelos mais novos pra isso com drivers que simulam o Airport. Com um pouco de pesquisa no forum você encontra uns excelentes *não recomendo o meu, toda vez que reinicio tenho que dar kextload manualmente no driver e replugar o dispositivo
  10. I'm having this problem with Adobe CS3 applications. I've run FCP5 with no problems, haven't tried FCP6 yet.
  11. I got a working hackintosh and even running smooth with all I need, I'd still go for the mac!
  12. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I have a ASUS P5N-E SLI mobo, which has on-board shound device Realtek AC883. I've tried using the HDAPathcher but I had no success in making the sound work. Is there any other configuration I should do or try? Or is the patching process different for my device? Here is some info about my driver that could be helpful: Vendor: 10EC Device: 0883 The controller info is: Vendor: 10DE Device: 026C Thanks! Using AppleAzalia solution didn't solve my problem either.
  13. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Thanks Equate! It worked fine. Managed to boot it, played around a bit and already set up dual-boot. Now I need to get sound working and the proper drivers for GPU, but that I think I can handle my self in the forums. I think the main challenge will be making wireless networking run, but it will be fun. A small question: how can I mound an USB device (pen-drive) to copy files from it and throw on my MacOS? I'm needing this to install some kexts. Thanks again!
  14. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    I haven't tried cpus=1 -v, i can try, but the loading screen didn't show any cpu error. The thing is, with cpus=1, won't I just be using 50% of my processor capacity? I got core2, does this mean I'll only run Leo with one core, or it's just a crazy maniac setting that will make both cores run smooth? I've chose EFI bootloader. When I selected all the sub-options, after the instalation MacOS was refusing to boot at the Darwin screen. When I selected only EFI it started the boot, but freezes now in where I told you. Should I try x86 boot loader? I've heard I have to use EFI bootloader to be able to run Vanilla and a lot of Apple stuff that I'm needing to run, like Final Cut Pro.
  15. FCS2 Working on Leopard?

    What distro are you using for 10.4.9? Uphuck?