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  1. First off, thanks for the guide Second off, when I tried to partition my DMA HD with the disk utility in the installer, I got an "Invalid Argument" error. Now it refuses to partition the disk unless I wipe it completely (windows install is on this drive) and in partition magic it shows my whole drive as unallocated space. What should I do? Hardware: Amd Athlon 64 3200+ venice Asus A8N5X 1 gig Ram 10.4.4 Install disk
  2. I agree about the majority of public windows users being complete idiots online by clicking on banners/downloading spyware, and it also true that a majority of businesses use windows (giving hacker/virus incentive), but I still really dont see any spyware flaoting around for the dumb mac users. But again, switching to intel will mean a flood of viruses and hacks for mac
  3. Pc specs...is it compatible?

    I just talked to a guy on another site-said that the chipset support would way too poor to even get this thing started, so I'm switching mobos. Thanks for your help
  4. The government said this? I'm not sure about others here, but I have a hard time believing what the government says with Bush in office But seriously, macs have much better security than windows, I have yet to hear of any major mac hAx or viruses created for macs that have done substantial damage. I also have seen nor heard of any spyware for the mac. But that's probably going to change once the intel macs come out...
  5. Media Center Question

    Yeah, Frontrow doesnt have dvr or tv (or pvr as some call it on mce), but that doesnt bother me much considering that a vcr and a good ol' flat screen tv works just as well, at least for me.
  6. Pc specs...is it compatible?

    Yeah, from what I hear Athlon 64 does not support ddr2, and I'm pretty sure the DVD drive has Nforce, but I dont know if the hd has SATA, you just cant get detailed specs from certain people these days. I'll look into it some more, thanks. One more question- will sound blaster LIVE! hd audio work?
  7. It all started back around 15-20 years ago. Back then, Apple hired a company to develop some software that could link peoples' macs together so they could talk, share files, etc. Apple wanted to call it AppleLink (or something to that effect) Anyway, for one reason or another, Apple decided to let the team of software engineers developing AppleLink go. However, Apple might have overlooked that in the contract they signed when the team first came on board, they agreed that if they cancelled the project or let the team go, the engineers got to keep the technology. A short time later, these software engineers refiened the product and resurfaced with a new name....America Online (It might've not been a bad decision after all, considering AOL sucks, but still)
  8. dual booting vista and os x

    Well, happy holidays to you too jackass I was just wondering where you got the dam os, I dont spend my whole life beta testing software and eating doritos Apparently it was too much to ask
  9. Happy New Year!!!

    I know this is kinda late but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *confetti*
  10. Pc specs...is it compatible?

    No, this a desktop, I'm on a tight budget Thanks for the update on the card reader, but will the rest of the hardware work?
  11. dual booting vista and os x

    How'd you get windows vista?
  12. First of all I would like to hello to everyone here Second I have a question-I am considering a new comp with these specs and I'm wondering if there would be any problems install mac x86 on this hardware Here are the specs: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 512 ddr Ram Integrated ATI Radeon HyperMemory 256MB Graphics Integrated 5.1 Capable Sound Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 160 Gb HD 16x Max DVD-ROM drive And I'm also wondering if the 9 in 1 card reader will work on mac os x? Thank you for your patience