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  1. New 9.2.2 ToH kernel

    I have the same issues with USB, it only works when the devices are connected before boot. If the devices are connected later, i could initialize them by un-/loading the AppleUSBOHCI driver. But the biggest problem with the new kernel was, that every 60 minutes the system do an hard reset. So now I went back to the old but stable kernel.
  2. -->success! First many Thanks to Zephyroth for this Release. My System: Athlon64 X2 3800 Nforce 560 (MCP65) Nvidia Geforce 8500GT First i tried with sata HD and IDE CD/DVD without success, then i tried with IDE (IDE HD/IDE DVD) only. With that option I had no problem to install. Currently i have to boot with -x because the Graphics Driver crashes in a loop. I see the Mousepointer, then it disappears, then i see the Mousepointer and so on. But i suppose that i can fix that error. It is possible that the Resolution of my TFT 1650x1080 aren't helpful. tvk