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  1. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    I've hit a dead end it seems, typing in the command as instructed in the guide results in my PC instantly rebooting. It's odd because i included my DSDT.aml as needed, and followed the guide as each instruction. I know my PC is capable of running snow leopard as it's not the first time running it, only first time making a boot 132 cd. Does anyone have any idea what seems to be going on?
  2. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    So does that all go into the boot.plist or is there a way to enter it while in chameleon? Sorry if that question sounds stupid, this is all relatively new to me.
  3. How-to Create a bootable ISO with Chameleon V2

    I tried booting again, and accidently hit F4 or F6 and it said something about erasing some bios setting or something and couldnt find whatever it was. But then the drives were all reorganized, but it booted into the retail dvd, was greeted with an instant kernel panic. Anyone have any progress?
  4. 10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    I tried following your guide to make a boot 132 cd but when it got into chameleon it didn't show the DVD drive and i have no idea if it is possible to enter in bootflags like it was in pc_efi. So do you have any idea what i should i try to get it to work?
  5. Snow Leopard cdboot

    Hi, yeah would it be possible for you to upload the file, who knows someone else might be able to edit some things and get it all working.
  6. How-to Create a bootable ISO with Chameleon V2

    I have the exact same problem, has anyone worked this out yet?
  7. GA-G31M-S2L

    Could you tell us what kernel panic you're getting? And also could you link to where you got your boot132 for SL from?
  8. 10A421A in Software Update

    You mean Leopard right? 9L30 is not snow leopard.
  9. Hmm I installed the ps2 controller and everything seems to work under 10.6 however my mouse is inverted, if i move it up it goes down, if i move it down it goes up, but left and right are fine. Also scrolling doesn't seem to work at all. Does anyone have any ideas what needs to be done to fix it?
  10. I have the same motherboard, Everything seems to work fine for me, but you're going to need to patch the audio depending on your install, i know for me, that I had to with the kalyway 10.5.2 dvd. Can't comment on anything else, as I have different parts.
  11. iTunes 8

    I have a Kalyway 10.5.2 install, then 10.5.3 kalyway combo, and then finally 10.5.4 vanilla install, and itunes 8 runs perfectly for me. Not a problem at all so far.