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  1. OSX + Logic7 on this machines?

    I got Logic Express 7 running on my Sony Vaio last night. Had a quick play with it and it seems quite stable, I'll give it some more attention tonght though. Haven't got a legit version of Pro though.. and I'm not going to buy it on the off chance it works with Intel (i.e someone sort out a dongle crack!)
  2. Is it? Some people are having success with the P4PE... http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=6709
  3. This guy has done it for $200.. so maybe £200 in the UK http://www.i-hacked.com/index.php?option=c...d=202&Itemid=42
  4. Not working on Asus P4PE?

    I've been trying to install from the Jas patched DVD (10.4.3_8f1111) onto a P4PE machine but it fails with: "ACPI: Button driver prevents system sleep" I've disabled PnP, tried using platform=X86PC, have a USB keyboard & mouse etc, have unplugged my SATA drive (leaving just an IDE).. not many options left! Was going to try and install using the deadmoo image over the weekend (having given up with the 3 install DVDs I've downloaded..) @ Ting - [s0] [s4] [s5] (S0) relates to ACPI states I believe @ Mortis - what patch did you use?
  5. Same problem for me asus p4pe pentium 4 2.5ghz 2 gigs ram ati radeon 9000 etc Neither platform=acpi nor platform=X86PC do anything. No option to disable acpi in the bios. any help on this one much appreciated
  6. I read that chain0 locates the HFS+ partition and proceeds to boot from it. I'm going to have XP on one disk, Linux on another and OSx86 on a third.. will chain0 search for HFS across multiple disks?