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  1. Where can I buy that NIC card?
  2. shanghei

    Kernel panic right after using NVinject 0.33

    i fixed my problem. when installing it would always crash before installing nvinject, so what i did was when it crashed i booteded into safe mode (press f8 before boot and type -x) and when in safe mode i edited geforce.kext,, and nv50 whatever .kext to have the device id of my vid card, my device id is 0x0422 so it looked like 0x042210de and on resman i deleted all the &amp0fffff stuff and installed nvinject and edited that to with my device id to my vid card, now i get full res and +qe all that stuff
  3. has anyone got the onboard lan to work with this, this is driving me CCRAZY
  4. shanghei

    Kernel panic right after using NVinject 0.33

    I am having the same exact problem, I have a geforce 8400 gs. When I think I fixed it it only lets me pic one res and its not the one I want. Would really appreciate some help.
  5. I downloaded iATKOS_v1.0i and patched it and burned to dvd, attached blank hard drive and the dvd boots and freezes during the install at about 75% every single time. I burned dvd without patch, and doesnt boot into the install at all. What am I doing wrong?