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  1. Ethernet with nForce 650i Ultra

    How did you install it on the 650i ultra in the first place. Every time I try to run the installer it KPs on me ... what settings did you change in the BIOS?
  2. MojoPac on iPhone?

    Thanks, I'll try fsck although I am not as farmiliar with it as I am other things. I don't even think I need SSH because I have a term-vt1000 on my phone.
  3. MojoPac on iPhone?

    It would be so freaking awesome if you could use MojoPac (by ringcube technologies) on the iPhone over a Samba share. I tried to do that, but I ran into a few problems... First, I attempted to use their installer. But it's a no-go because it doesn't display mapped network drives. Only USB drives. So afterward, I installed MojoPac to a USB drive and copied the files over to the Samba Share, decided to try it on a different computer with the iPhone as an unmapped drive, and MojoPac started complaining it had to be at the root of the drive. So, I mounted the network drive (it's fine as long as you unmount it when you're done). I double-clicked on MojoPac, and I got an error saying it's already been registered, and the registration on my old jumpdrive won't work, but I don't care because it's the free version. So, I allowed it to do that. I ran Start.exe again and SUCESS!!! or so I thought It said it was loading, but when it reached the profile is loading screen, I got an RS3 error. I checked online and found that that meant there was an inconsistent filesystem. I can't run chkdsk because it's a network drive. AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I wish i could get this working, because it would be SUCH a convenience.
  4. PrismGT working: release!

    I've been looking everywhere to get a Netgear WG111v2 working. I read somewhere that if it registers as a Cohiba 3887 Rev. 0 then it has a prism chipset. Mine registers as a Cohiba 3887 Rev. 0 chipset. I run the prismGT install.command, and it outputs with no errors, except it had trouble unloading the kext or something like that. How do I get into the GUI to configure it? Sorry if this is a stupid post.
  5. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    Yeah, generally when there are new revisions to the WG111 they use different chipsets. (weird if you ask me)
  6. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    Enable it from network utility, how do I do that? Also, in system profiler, my WG111v2 is showing up as a Cohiba 3887 Rev 0... Is this normal? I could not find anything about enabling anything using network utility. Please help (again).
  7. Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    I have a WG111v2 running on a P4 3 ghZ hackint0sh installed from the JaS iso running 10.4.8. For some reason whenever I try to start the UI software, the icon bounces up and down (for a while) and after a while, sits there without the arrow under it, indicating it is not running. No window appears, and the only options I get when I right click the icon is to force quit. I have tried reinstalling several times. Please help