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  1. Heya guys, okay, this is a really rough outline of what I need this server for, and what it should feature. Most importantly, I don't want to exceed 250€ (Germany here), used parts from eBay are okay (preferably by a dealer, so I get a warranty and return policy) TOP PRIORITY: as little hassle with kexts and DSDT, update troubles etc as possible! (vanilla install MUCH prefered) should be stable of cause! My max price tag isn't necessarily fixed... I'd appreciate it to cost (way?) less, though, too! The rig should be rather power efficient. No surprise here. RAID1 x2 for 4 SATA drives; separate system drive -> I might want software based RAIDing offered by OS X as I'm independend from controllers that might get screwed up... The rig should allow some multitasking, like: Off-load some unarchiving work during low server load, video on-the-fly-conversion for StreamToMe, FTP Server (built-in or FileZilla/CrushFTP/...), some lightweight web serving (nothing intense really), just a bunch of apps running to execute some tasks and other random stuff..., LAN server for files, iTunes (!), calendar, addressbook, VNC/RemoteDesktop In case you wonder and I might not need to rebuy something: I already got an ATX case, an unknown PSU (it's in another city, hence I can't check atm), a LG DVD RW drive An optical drive really isn't needed actually, though... USB installing is fine! This machine will be hooked up to a router... It will not serve internet connectivity to clients on my home network. Thanks a lot in advance!