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  1. Hillin

    I love Summer the girl

    0.0 Sorry for the missspelling... And thanks again^_^
  2. Hillin

    I love Summer the girl

    lol for your joke^^ But I cannot really understand what you are talking about... sorry for my terrible English. Thank you very much StinMac and Kate, your cat is pretty lovely However, could you please tell me where are you from?
  3. ==WHAT'S UP?===== I'm in love with a girl. This must be a perfect thing because I think she, somehow, likes me too. There is only one problem which acts as a trouble, that is, she is 3 years older than me. I don't know if there are any differences in your country, but I'm here in China, the lovers are generally not blessed if the girl is older than the boy. This makes her somehow a little difficult to accept me. But I can't let her slip. ==WHAT AM I DOING?===== Could you help me please? I want to send her an album, on each page there is one (or more) person holding an paper, which says I'm loving her. I wish this album would have 99 pages. It will be her Christmas gift. ==HOW CAN YOU HELP?===== This may seems like a little complex, but in fact you can handle it easily. The steps are: - At first, you need a blank paper. An A4 paper is the best choice. - Write down "Summer, Hillin loves you" with a pen that is as thick/bold as possible. The name "Summer" is spelled S-U-M-M-E-R, while "Hillin" is "H-I-L-L-I-N". Sure you can express this idea in another way, it's up to you. Then, write down your name (nickname is okay), and where are you(e.g. Quebec, Canada). We have some examples here(there will be some Chinese text but it doesn't matter if you are just going to take a look at the photos):http://www.douban.com/event/album/12516604/ - If it is possible, take this paper to a landmark around you. Hold the paper and take a photo with it. I wish the text on the paper can be read clearly, so please be careful, it is better not to use the flashlight, and do not face a highlight. If it is not very convenient to do so, take the photo indoors is okay. It is better to put some other things into the photo, do not leave the paper alone. If you don't like your face appearing in the photo, you can take a mask(...), or do some process using Photoshop. - The final step, send me the photo via e-Mail, since it is not very easy to send a real mail. My e-Mail is i.am.hillin@gmail.com. ==WHAT CAN YOU GET FROM ME?===== - Thanks, which may seem to be useless. I will thank you and pray for all your family with pleasure. - Since to print such an album will cost more than 100 RMB (~15 USD), it is not affordable if I'm going to send it to everyone of you. But I can send you a PDF version (via e-Mail) of it after it is made. Many thanks, again. More information(Chinese): http://www.douban.com/event/10351946/
  4. You can modify the shortcut keys in Keyboard/Mouse settings in System Preferences. I made them just like it's under Windows: (PrtScrn=F13) F13: Copy the whole screen to clipboard cmd(alt in PC keyboard)+F13: Copy the selected area to clipboard opt(win in PC keyboard)+F13: Save the whole screen as a file opt+cmd+F13: Save the selected area as a file
  5. Hillin

    What's accessing my HDD?

    Spotlight... oh yes, I think so. I'll take a try and report the result here.
  6. I have a iTAKOS v1.0ir2 installed on my laptop, with a Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update. The laptop has a 120GB SATA-HDD, core2duo T5500 CPU and 1GB DDR2-667 RAM. My problem is, the HDD-LED sparks continuously from the system boot on, and never stop unless it's shut down. I know I have a poor RAM in storage but it says I have at lease 300MB free memory in the Activity Monitor program. What's wrong with it?
  7. Hillin

    Slow boot

    Mine boots very fast, but shuts down slow as a snail.
  8. Hillin

    Analog Devices HD Audio (AD, ADI)

    do i need a linux to get that dump? I'll take a try later, I've never been to linux before.
  9. Hillin

    AD1986 Again

    Any ideas?
  10. I have only AI and PS running correctly however, using a file replacing method to crack them. None of other crack programs worked for me, and I cannot find a file replacing crack for DW and FL.
  11. Hillin

    How can I get updated to 10.5.2?

    Yeah it shows the version of /System/Library/Frameworks/Kernel.framework, not the mach_kernel(if it is named so, located at the root path). ~,~
  12. I've got this problem solved, it's because of a imperfect AppleSMBIOS.kext hack. Just replace it with a fixed one.
  13. Hillin

    How can I get updated to 10.5.2?

    Open the System Profiler, in the Software-Frameworks section, you can see the version of the "kernel".
  14. Hillin

    NTFS and FAT32

    leopard should recognize a FAT32 partition and could do full read/write access. Are you sure your 80GB disk with FAT32 partitions is mounted correctly? Check your diskutl for this.