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  1. forget it no help here please delete the post
  2. Enoch

    hello there micky1979 no i'm not using any nvme disk, right now i'm using an m.2 sata ahci for my main sierra system for the test i used an ssd drive via internal sata port and also via usb using a usb enclosure, and is the same result in every test i also tried el capitan yesterday but is refusing to boot last time i had enoch version 2838 or something like that and el capitan used to boot all the time later on today i will try with an older version of enoch to see if the problem is the new boot loader on my system all my bios settings are correct i used yosemite and el capitan just fine with enoch for 2 years with no problem but now that i installed el capitan when i use the new version of enoch bootloader el capitan is not booting either i had 2 samsung pro 960 512 gb but i returned them, this was before the nvme patch was release there it was a first version from another website but that driver only booted 1 every 100 tries and i couldn't have my system like that at that time i could only use the drive as storage i really don't regret returning those drives even after the new patch that really works came out because i have a rocket raid card that smoke those drives the good thing about my raid card is that the write speed and the read speed is even not like the samsung drives that they are fast reading but a little slower writing anyway i will try to boot el capitan today then after is booting i will try to add the new module to the extra folder to see what it does i know i'm putting the new module in an older version of enoch but i'm also using an older os "el capitan" and the point here is to test the nvram until i can find a way to boot sierra so i really don't see any problem why the module shouldn't work in an older version of enoch if the module works then it has to work i also have a few 7200 rpm hd, so i can also run test with the traditional 7200 rpm hd to discard any possibility if you have anything for me to try i'll be more than happy to help because by helping you i'm also helping others and myself don't worry, it will not break my system i have a few spare drives to run test thanks for asking micky1979 i also forgot to thank you yesterday for the link that you posted for support i hope you understand my english, is really my second language i'll be back later
  3. Enoch

    i deleted the old kext file from S/L i already had kernel booter choose or selected and still doesn't load to the desktop if i remove the filenvram.dylib then it does boot but no graphic acceleration it has to be some kind of incompatibility with my board most probably i will get it to work after the next release after the code has been analyzed improved and optimized so it's ok for now i know it just a matter of time now thanks to you to ermac and to meklort
  4. Enoch

    yes i'm aware of that but thanks for bringing that up for the ones that don't know the story well if you guys work together i'm sure you that we will have good results at the end
  5. Enoch

    ok this will be my last post for now i don't want the administrators to think that i'm bombarding the forum if i installed the filenvram.dylib all by itself it doesn't boot if i remove filenvram.dylib then it boots but no web drivers and no acceleration if i add filenvram.kext to L/E and i also installed filenvram.dylib the same thing happen it boots but no web drivers and no acceleration maybe is just my system or the problem is my system with sierra next i will try with el capitan there i can load the web drivers the old school way for now i wait for the development of filenvram at least they are working on it because it was stuck for a few years i hope they get it to work because that is the only thing holding enoch/chameleon back and is not really enoch/chameleon fault is not even filenvram fault because filenvram still work with older systems is the changes that apple made starting from yosemite all the way up to sierra anyway thanks guys i be checking every once in a while i will give it another try this time using el capitan as test subject lol
  6. Enoch

    thanks ermac i mean no offense and no disrespect but you know how sometimes people joke around in that date anyway that's why i had my doubts because i know you guys are serious persons now that i know and i understand because you explained, i never installed version 1.1.3 because that version never worked with yosemite, el capitan or sierra the closest thing to a working nvram was 1.1.4 and it had some issues my doubt was that version 1.1.4 had 2 files the dylib that goes in extra/moudules and the kext file that goes in S/L or S/L/E i only installed the new one version 1.1.5 the one that is in the bootloader enoch 2877 it doesn't show the specific version like the other version of chameleon or enoch that you see the file version in the boot loader menu installer but i trusted that it was version 1.1.5 so my question is do i need to install the FileNVRAM kext from version 1.1.4 because there is no FileNVRAM kext version 1.1.5 or just install the 1.1.5 version of FileNVRAM.dylib in modules because for me the dylib alone is not working at least on my system i know you guys test everything before releasing it that's why i said on my system because some times the possibility exist that it might not work on some systems anyway i think i'm going to try adding FileNVRAM kext to see if it does anything also i remember a post i while back mentioning to enter a flag so the flag stays active in the nvram in order for the web drivers to load anyway i will run some test now but if i run into trouble i just try with el capitan or yosemite because i know any of those 2 will load just fine once again thanks for your wonderful job and also for taking some of your time to explain, i appreciate that edit i know that up to file version 1.1.3 it was only the FileNVRAM.dylib that was need it to have a working nvram in enoch/chameleon but in version 1.1.4 they came out with also having to add the kext file so is version 1.1.5 like version 1.1.3 meaning using only the dylib and no kext file require
  7. Enoch

    i have a funny feeling that this is some kind of April fool bad joke This revision of Enoch contain the upcoming FileNVRAM revision 1.1.5 i don't understand how it contains the upcoming version of filenvram 1.1.5 if filenvram version 1.1.5 is already inside the bootloader unless they later update version 1.1.5 to the upcoming version rc8 let's get serious and try to clear things up a bit
  8. Enoch

    not working for me, i'm not new to enoch i was using enoch until the other day using el capitan then with the new os release "sierra" i have to switch to clover, the reason why i switched to clover was because of the nvram support which chameleon lost after mavericks. i verified all the option to see if anything new was added related to the nvidia web drivers but i don't see the new flag which is required for the web drivers to work at least using clover do i have to enter the flag manually at enoch boot menu ok the last time i checked there it was 2 files require to have file nvram working or partially working on the new system. since in enoch description it was mentioned the new release of file nvram version 1.15 i tought that everything was included in the bootloader and i didn't have to put the file nvram kext file in S/L/E or L/E so i don't know what the deal is i have to try some different method and combinations but i really don't have time right now most likely i will test the nvram module with el capitan or yosemite since i can't boot sierra because of the web drivers problem so if anyone have some info about this matter please be my guess and give a brother a hand thank you
  9. Enoch

    man you guys rocks micky and ermac or ermac and micky either way i hope this works i'm going to try it out right now i been waiting years for a new version of filenvram i tried the 2848 but it didn't load my web driver but i always knew that it was because i was missing filenvram which is now require to boot the nvidia cards in sierra and the previous version were incompatible with yosemite, el capitan and sierra filenvram is also need it to have nvram support for everything else not just for the nvidia card to work i will test then report back thanks excellent job