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  1. i get a black screen. it installed and whatnot, but after i type "-v -f busratio=7 cpus=1" (without quotations) in the chameleon bootloader and it does verbose mode and whatnot, then black screen. maybe graphics?
  2. i've got a problem.......maybe a n00b problem?

    still nothing with the sata set to ahci....iPC gave me a grey apple screen, and verbose mode mentioned security audits or something? this is frustrating lol lets hope that we can fix this soon. thanks much.
  3. i've got a problem.......maybe a n00b problem?

    will do once i get home:) i have fast internet, i'm gonna check out iPC Leopard. It looks promising, for a retail, genuine Apple Update.....it would be nice
  4. i've got a problem.......maybe a n00b problem?

    definately will. thanks alot dude, i'll tell you what happens. well, bad news. what happens is that is has the same effect on the boot process as putting my mobo into sw single processor mode via the bios......i actually get less boot up text lol. Is there anything else i could try?
  5. i've got a problem.......maybe a n00b problem?

    my system specs are Intel DG35EC Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4ghz WD SATA 500GB WD IDE 160GB LG IDE SuperMulti DVD-DL LG SATA SuperMulti DVD-DL ATI Radeon 2400 HD 256MB
  6. i can not get any distro to boot. i try on my ide dvd rw drive, and i get the com.apple.boot.plist not found, and if i try my sata dvd rw drive (both LG) it freezes in verbose mode, after i fit f8, then -v. it even freezes with a -x prompt for safe mode..... has anyone else had this problem? i've tried a whole bunch of bios changes, distros, media, etc. all the same result lol, hours of google has NOT fixed this one.... thanks
  7. nothing boots. plz help!

    no distro will boot natively on my machine......not even to the installer. and vmware is way too slow for garageband. i have ipc 10.5.6, iatkos 5i, leo 10.5.4 RETAIL (legal copy) Kalyway 10.5.2, Kalyway 10.4.10, and jas 10.4.8. and nothing boots. does my mobo have to be set to ahci maybe? maybe rehook my sata ports? i have 2 harddrives, 1 sata, one ide, and one dvd lp dual layer sata, and one of those in ide. i could even consider hooking up someone with 20 bucks or something via paypal if i can get some help. my hardware Intel DG35EC mobo with Intel Core2Quad Q6700 2.66ghz 160GB IDE Western DIgital 500GB SATA Wester digital Visiontek Radeon Pro 2400HD 4GB Corsair dual channel ram ddr2 any help is much appreciated. Jesse.
  8. VMware Retail Leopard Templates

    hey whats up, i'm somewhat experienced in all the terminology of osx86, sadly i'm a crappy hacker when it comes to kexts, the terminal and all:( but does anyone know about running retail in vmware? i have a legally purchased version of 10.5.4 and these hardware specs VMWare Workstation ACE for windows Intel Core2Duo Quad E6600 2.6ghz Visiontek Radeon 2800 Pro 256mb 4gb corsair dual channel ram intel dg35eg mobo 160GB SATA 500GB SATA Onboard sound controller and network card. if anyone can help me, much appreciated. Thanks a bunch, and thanks donk for starting up this wonderful project. haywardUNLEASHED
  9. i need help with boot 132 plz!

    i have sucessfuly installed several Kalyway releases on my machine with everything working except for mic out. i used the trick mentioned in these fourms to slim down a Retail Leopard Install DVD to fit on a single layer disc. (removed xcode and additional language packs) i also patched the osinstall.mkpg, (just because all my Kalyway installs were mbr rather than guid) and i am using the generic.iso bootloader found on these fourms. when i replace the boot disc with my leo disc and boot it without verbose, i wait 5 min, then see a grey apple screen, then reboot. What am i doing wrong? My Hardware Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.73Ghz, (supports sse3!) and its a Intel 945G Motherboard Intel GMA 950 Graphics 120GB IDE HDD 1GB RAM Realtek Onboard Audio (AppleAzalia kexts work fine with it.) Atheros Wifi (not sure what kind but Kalyway leo likes it ) Intel Pro 100/VE Onboard Networking (all Kalyway likes it.) and thats it.
  10. i need help!

    so i dl KALYWAY install disc for 10.5.1, installs fine (i selected vanilla kernels, sse2, and mbr) (i partitioned using mbr!) and now, when i try to boot off my hdd, i get a flashing white cursor on a black screen, and when i press a key, it beeps! and when i boot from darwin screen, i let it time down, some text appears (cant read it cause its too fast) and i see they grey apple screen then my machine reboots! HELP!
  11. how to get 10.5.0 Kalyway to burn?

    you heard it. i'm a n00b, i need some help. I've extracted it using both winrar amd stuffit...... tried burning it using alcohol 120, imgburn and power2go......nothing! if anyone has suggestions, please help in any way. I JUST NEED GARAGEBAND! btw would this setup work? Toshiba Satellite Notebook A100 Pentium Dual-Core 1.73GHZ SSE2 and SSE3 (for rosetta apps so they run fast right?) Intel GMA 950 100GB SATA Intel Ethernet Atheros Wireless Card 1 GB RAM Texas Instruments Cardbus Mat{censored}a DVD RAM UJ-850S 4 USB Ports