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  1. ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    Horray! QE/CI is fully working on my HD 4350 - performance is stellar! Things I did different from last time: 1) I boot up is single user mode, that is, without safe mode. 2) I added my device ID (0×954f1002) to ATI4500Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext. 3) I placed all the 4[3-6]00 SL Patch in /System/Library/Extensions and ran pfix to fix permissions and clean up. 4) As I said, I boot in single user mode. Note: The modified kexts were already present while I was booting in safe mode: I didn't have QE/CI in safe mode. That's it...everything kind of worked after that. I'm not sure what did it - perhaps it was just that I was in safe mode, or perhaps it has something to do with adding my device ID to the two ATI kexts. Edit: By the way, alav, that didn't work. The problem wasn't that it wasn't booting to the drive, it was that it wasn't booting to the right part of the drive (using the UUID). Thus, I set the flag rd=disk0s3 to boot into the 3rd partition and skip the UUID all together. That worked perfect. Thanks for your help, though.
  2. ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    Hi guys! For the first time, my PC booted Snow Leopard at full 1680x1050 resolution via the HD4350 card! Horray! Here's how I did it: I installed Snow Leopard 10.6 using MyHack. Booted using -x (safe mode) flag and USB Drive. Installed 10.6.2 Combo Update. **Here's the video card stuff** I replaced the boot file in the root of the USB drive with PC EFI V10.6: (http://netkas.org/?p=372) I modified the .com.boot.plist file to set GraphicsEnabler to 'y' (Yes.) I added the ATY_init.kext to my /Extras/Extensions/ folder (http://netkas.org/?p=116). I booted back up in safe mode (-x), and voila! 1680x1050 resolution (Seems like QE/CI is working, too). **End of video card stuff** VGA does NOT work using PC EFIV10.6, I can confirm that. Here's where I still need some help: I can't start up Snow Leopard without using the -x boot flag. I hang on the infamous: "Still waiting for root device" Could this be because I'm still booting off the USB Drive? Hopefully that helps somebody! Edit: Sorry, I lied. No QE/CI just yet...