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  1. I am not sure that an Atom will be fast enough.. I tend to have a LOT of things running at all times. Between mail, web browsing, IM, Eclipse and coda for development and the occasional video running.
  2. Anyone have any good pointers for building a SFF hackintosh. I am building it for work and small and quiet are a plus. I would get a mac mini but I really would like dual display.
  3. Which Motherboard

    @Kimari It is my understanding that you either use AHCI mode and lose the 2 jmicron sata ports or you use this fix: Anyone have any other experiences with the P5K Deluxe Board? I am concerned about the audio. -T
  4. Which Motherboard

    @vapor The HCL is unclear about the P5K-Deluxe. It says EFI (EFI 8?) works but nothing about Vanilla and it looks like the audio does not work. Although it uses the same north and south bridge as the other boards. the P5k Delux is a nice board thought, I will get that one if I can get some sort of confirmation on its compatibility.
  5. Which Motherboard

    @MTO The asus website only lists that MB as supporting DDR2-800 ram. I did find where it supports the faster processors though. Is there something I am missing on the ram? @Vapor - How is that P5K-E board?
  6. Hi all, I jsut finished a build for a friend that used the P5W-DH Deluxe motherboard and it went great and works great. Now I want one for myself, but I would like to use a more current board than the P5W. He was using an existing CPU and already had the ram so the P5W made sense for him. But I am going to buying a new Proc, Mem, and motherboard and would like to buy something that supports at least 1066 DDR2 ram. So I have been reading on here for the last few days and it seems that a lot of folks like the GA-P35-DS3P but it seems that this board is no longer being made since I cannot find it on Newegg or Amazon. Now, I do see the GA-P35-DS4 and it uses the same northbridge, southbridge, and audio. My question is this, how compatible is the GA-P35-DS4 vs. the DS3P? I would like to use the Kalyway 10.5.1 installer to make my life easy. I don't mind patching a few ktexts but if the install is more work than it is worth then I suppose I will just settle. But I would like the extra Sata's over the GA-P35-DSL if I can. Just looking for a pointer in the right direction (if there is such a thing). Thanks, -T
  7. @mto- I was almost there, I had the app just want not sure what to do with both peices. Thanks for the help and everything works great now. Awesome thread and awesome help. -T
  8. @mto - I am assuming that file is for me. Ok, maybe my knowledge of Ktexts is not as good as I thought. I have been given ktexts and I have used the ktext helper to put them in. I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the txt you supplied. Thanks for any help and sorry for my ignorance.
  9. Hello alls, I have a P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard with a xfx 800gt and 2 gigs of ram. All went mostly well through in the install and I got 10.5.1 running great. So, I then went about upgrading to 10.5.2 with the directions in this thread, everything is MOSTLY ok, but I seem to have lost the sound. I have read posts that just say re-install the ktext's, ok, I am fine with that and know how to do that, but where would I find them to re-install them? I did see the ALC package in the Kalyway dvd and ran that with no results, does this package just move the ktext's onto my drive somewhere and I need to replace them myself? I am sure this is a stupid question, so I am sorry. Other than this little quark everything is fricken awesome. Thanks, -T