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  1. I formatted my hard drive to Max Extended Journaled, and made it an EFI partition. I installed via the iDenib 1.4 10.5.6 Leopard patched DVD and the extra patches I chose were the intel pro lan, the Sigmatel audio one, and the 950 GMA one. Now it finished successfully, but when I try to start I just get an error before it even begins to boot. I can't remember the actual error right now because I'm at work, but it's something about intel boot agent, disk communications error, check cable. Does anyone know what might have gone wrong here?
  2. 945G Chipset working

    Sorry, I meant audio or ethernet, not "audio or sound" I have the Intel® High Definition Audio; SigmaTel STAC9223 Audio Channels 8 Channels
  3. 945G Chipset working

    Forcer, I've got the 945GNT also, let me know if you get the sound or audio figured out.
  4. You can't get a 5100 with a pentium d can you?