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  1. BiTRiP

    Disable USB Mass Storage Devices

    Hi MaLd0n, Thanks for your and reply. With your answer I actually realised that I posted this in wrong topic as I want to disable it on real macs. I don't use Hackint0sh for corporate use.
  2. Hi, For corporate reasons I need to disable USB ports for all usbdrives and usbsticks to protect content. Before Sierra it was easy to do by disabling IOUSBMassStorageDevices.kext but since now it's in kernel and this solution doesn't work anymore. Anyone have a good working solution for that? Thanks, BiTRiP
  3. BiTRiP

    Is IRC dead?

    Ah, too bad. Thanks anyway Allan.
  4. Hi, Is irc.insanelymac.com dead or is it moved to somewhere else? Thanks, BiTRiP
  5. BiTRiP

    Chat is down?

    Is it still up? I get white page, whatever browser or OS I use.
  6. Hmm, that's odd. I read many threads that volume control is disabled with USB audio interfaces. I also tested it once with a Focusrite scarlet and volume control got greyed out as it controlled on USB device. I might try another USB audio device. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for a simple audio interface that supports native MacOS volume control (by keyboard and slider). As far as I know this is only with interfaces that supports Apple CoreAudio like the Apogee Duet 2 does, but that one is pretty expensive. I also know there is a workaround like with SoundFlower but I don't like that. Are there any suggestions for interfaces that are natively supported? Thanks! BiTRiP
  8. BiTRiP

    High Sierra Suplemental Update

    Thanks for this tip. I had the same problem. Booted first normal partition as it was auto-selected. Than I booted the new Clover entry (macOS installer) but it gave me an error it didn't find installer files in \System\Library etc etc. So I booted back in normal HS, removed the folder in root called "macOS Install Data" and downloaded the update in AppStore again. Restarted and directly booted the newly created entry in Clover. Now it was installing the update, automatically rebooted and it also removed the entry again. All fine now on update 405.
  9. BiTRiP

    Clover Theme Manager

    Same for me. Using 0.76.7b. App says repo is not responding while "check repo" works fine and shows the repo.
  10. BiTRiP

    macOS Sierra 10.12.6 final is out.

    You can do that in Terminal: - softwareupdate -l - sudo softwareupdate --ignore <name_of_package>
  11. No, it didn't crash when I ran it just in a shell. Rights and owner where also same as rest of LaunchDeamons. Maybe it has problems that audio is not available yet before it runs the command. I don't know. Anyway, I finally end up with the AppleALC solution. I never used it before but it's actually easier than the Toleda command solution. No more patched kexted in clover, no more Realtek.kext in EFI, AppleHDA.kext stays untouched and no more pops! Just inject audio ID 1 (or id of your audio device) in clover with this kext in /S/L/E and you're done. Thanks anyway Mattday for your help. I would try the AppleALC yourself too! Cheers.
  12. Strange, when I use this method then my audio is broken and I get beachball when selecting sound prefs. Unloading this plist and reboot fixed audio again but then I have pops. Any idea? I have antipop not installed. Using ALC898 injected by clover (Toleda script 1.20 command) Thanks, BiTRiP
  13. Since 10.9 I was always using integrated graphics (hd4600) of my 4770K. This was never a problem in 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 but now the HDMI is not working anymore. I have one display on DVI and a secondary on HDMI which now only gives distorted picture, mirrored from my main screen. The monitor is also not shown in Display prefs, neither in system info. Only the one on DVI. When I boot with HDMI only than it crashes middle in boot without KP. I'm using latest clover (v3763) with Intel injection enabled. No ig-platform-id was ever needed but now tried several without any luck. Also tried using AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext and AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext from 10.11 but no luck there either. Any ideas why this is suddenly broken? I attached some screenshot and my DSDT. DSDT.aml.zip
  14. Thank you MacUser2525. Any other USB interface suggestions that are more modern and works with OSX built-in volume control? (bought the Focusrite Scarlett Solo today but returned it already because it also doesn't work with OSX volume)