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    ASUS X550LDV Mac OS X Guide (UEFI-Clover)

    Hey Bro! i restored sierra using transmac and was not able to find hdef in ssdt10. When i was disabling my discrete gpu settings at that time my files and Rehabman's ssdt codes were different. That's why i am requesting you to upload your ssdt10 file or mail it to me pls at enroidv7@gmail.com
  2. Enroidv7

    ASUS X550LDV Mac OS X Guide (UEFI-Clover)

    pls help!! No HDMI audio...didn't found hdef..pls share ur ssdt for HDMI audio. I have same laptop X555LD with X555la motherboard. SHARE ur patched folder pls!!!
  3. Pls help! I have asus x555l laptop with i3 hasswell and x555la motherboard.Rest is same expect wificard. So i need to patch dsdt and ssdt's again? Do dsdt and ssdt differ to motherboards?