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    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Hi how did you change the voltage? VGTab? Got the same card and everything works great but i have this lil coil whine AND my scores are not so good with macOS. Can't reach more than 190000 on Geekbench, and less than 29500 on Luxmark (LuxBall) for example. Thanx a lot Yellocab
  2. yellocab

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Hi the new version of Whatevergreen seems to bring an overheating pb for me. (Sapphire Nitro+ vega 64). Mojave 10.14.1. Nothing strange for you?
  3. yellocab


    On my GigaByte Z170MX G5 i had some sort of drops too. it seems to be better but stlll my drops Thanx Mieze
  4. yellocab


    hi i have internet connexion drops. could it be linked to this kext? I use Sierra 10.12.2 on a GigaByte Z170MX Gaming 5. Thanx