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  1. Same problem here... so I guess it's normal
  2. Hi The USB is correct. Before removing you might have 1 USB High Speed and 4 ports, after that you get 2 USB high speed But that's normal! Once you insert a device that NEEDS USB 2 than it will be listed under the high speed... I checked this with a real 13 inch mac of a friend of my, and it was the same. 4 normal usb's, and 2 high speeds. 45 degrees is not really hot right, I mean, mine did got to 50 once... I assume that removing AppleHPET and CPUPowerManagement is the way to go... So, I'm glad that others have the same result. Means that we can have a good guide for this laptop, because at my University there are like 5000 of these laptops, so now I can help them into a Hackintosh world as well. PS: One thing, are you able to swap between network from a cable and network? I can use both, but not in the same session. WiFi gets disabled once a network cable is attached. Perhaps there is a setting of Enable (W)LAN switching in the bios.... hmm
  3. A little update: I placed them back and still the laptop gets quite hot. Luckily there are like 400 similar laptops at my school that I can use as reference, and they get quite hot as well. They run windows 7 or Vista... So, I don't know what I want to do. I am afraid to fry my laptop, but I don't like using USB 1.0. It could also be that the WiFi card is cousing problems, that would be a bummer. It works so nicely with OS X! So, well, other people here, how hot does it get? And than underneath the trackpad and a little to the left! The area where the fan spins is quite normal in turns of heat, and my HDD and CPU is only around 30-40 which is quite normal right??? Or lolz, perhaps I should stop watching full HD movies and Flash movies on the internet. That can't be good Edit: I am running without AppleHPET again for a few days now, and yes it gets hot, but all the other equal laptops here at school are not cold either. A few were even hotter! I have to say that I have raised the back of the laptop a bit so that more air can flow under it, and it types better as well. So, I am going to make a USB powered external FAN-docking-station to get it cold, and just accept that not everything can be perfect.
  4. So after a day of normal work I noticed that the temperature is going high fast! The fan still runs, but the rest of the laptop (around the WiFi card and left under) gets really really hot. Like ouch hot. This only started after removing HPET and CPUPowerManagement.. So, I put them back where they belong, and hope that it will cool down a little. I now have all my data back but not having USB 2.0 is really really annoying... but well it's better than frying my laptop. I did notice though that Mac OS X 10.6 is really really really faster than 10.5.x... and all the extra options (build in exchange, expose dock) and so on are worth the trouble. Especially the exchange, can't imagine life without it. Actually being able to use the iCal with gmail and exchange from school at the same time!
  5. Hi finally some people posting again in this topic I just deleted AppleHPET and got terrible Kernel errors and I could not even start in safe mode or any mode at all.. So, put back my old disk, put AppleHPET back in place, and it was all running again... So, tried again, but now deleted AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement as well and AppleHPET again.. Just to try things out Rebooted, fingers crossed, and voila! USB 2 support! I did though notice that my PC got a lot hotter after that, but that could be because I made a time machine backup and copied like 60 GB to my disk from my old 10.5.7 install (I just had USB2, so it finally could be done in less than a day ) I do have my microphone working, but the sound prefpane is not working very well yet.. But hey, it works!
  6. Hi Just as Hex did, I removed the little magnet at the left-under side of the screen. It was really easy, just unscrew 1 screw and then gently open the front side... after a bit of opening up you see the magnet and gently remove it. Now you can close the lid, perhaps that will help with the sleep issue as well! You don't need to worry about the magnetic sensor messing with your sleep tryouts, and otherwise it is just handy to be able to close the laptop if you are on the move.. PS: does someone know how to fix the Fan not spinning when on battery mode? I can use my laptop for a while but it will die because of overheating and it is not usefull... I travel by train for like 4 hours a week and want to be able to continue to work there...
  7. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Hi guys I have a HP 8510w, and I believe this laptop is similar to yours. I managed to get 10.6.3 working with the help of guys in this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...65517&st=60 So, might help you when messing around. Can anyone post his/her DSDT.dsl file so that I can compare if there are similarities? PS: anyone experiencing slow USB issues? I can only have USB 1.0 speeds.....
  8. Hi So, now I have some time to post I will describe what I did to get to 10.6.3 on my HP 8510w. I hope that someone can benefit from this and perhaps together we can come up with a method to get a perfect running OS X This method is not complete and most of it is not even pioneered by me, you will have to thank all the people in this thread like HexHex and Oun and RuUb for doing great work on this laptop Thanks! BIOS So, first I think it's a good idea to go to the HP site and get the LATEST bios (F15 as we speak) and get the USB stick type, or install it under windows if you still are captured with that slow OS I used an USB stick that was prepared under windows XP (different PC) and booted from that USB stick to update my bios. WiFi Second, I was sick and tired of using a USB wifi Dongle and went looking for a solution. Some guy on a forum posted that HP is very picky about PCIe WiFi cards, they have to approve it and it is somehow hardcoded in the bios, not very user friendly.... I did not feel like hacking into my bios like HexHex so I searched on marktplaats (second hand shop, eBay will do fine as well) for: Broadcom 4311AG Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g mini PCI adapter card (Bevo) This card is used in many many many HP laptops and it will work, and most important, Snow OSX recognizes it as an Airport card! There are no drivers needed and it is just like you have an Apple card in your laptop What more do you want? (unfortenately, it is not wireless N... but it is better than no internal wifi) Best of all, I only payed 10 euros for this thing ($7), including shipment. It is available at HP supply for 34 $.. or something like that. For instructions on how to acces your Wifi card: http://www.insidemylaptop.com/disassemble-...0w-notebook-pc/ So, there are 3 antennas with numbers 1 2 3. The new card only has 2 numbers, so only connect the 2 matching antennas. I think that the third one is for N-Wifi, which makes sense ofcourse. Now, while we are opening this baby up, clean up your fan! It really makes a difference in noise and heat, they become very dusty, even if you can't see it. Also, I unplugged my finger-scanner. I won't be needing it because it will never work on OS X, so if it is disconnected it can't {censored} with our drivers... http://www.insidemylaptop.com/images/HP-Co...ructions-25.jpg just unhook the tiny cable and that finger thingy will never bother OS X again BIOS preparation: So, after upgrading our BIOS and replacing the WiFi card (this step is offcourse optional, but it is worth the money!), we want to make all our changes to the BIOS. Since I don't use the smartcard reader and the PCMCA card reader I disabled them in the BIOS. Also some other tweaks, but just do what you think is best. This world is about experimenting! DSDT After this hardware level tweaking it is time to do some DSDT tweaking. I was already running 10.5.6 using HexHex's installer this was possible under OS X for me, but you could also use windows. I used the DSDTSE editor because I really liked the syntax coding etc. What you have to do is extract your DSDT, remove the first line with the yadayada about an error, and then try to compile. It will give a lot of errors (45 in my case), but most of them are easy. You need to fix the syntax errors first, locate them in the error list and jump to that line. One example that was the most complicated, I compared HexHex's DSDT with mine: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/3148/picture4jxo.png As you can see there is just some code missing, so try to fix this. Now the syntax coding and colors come in handy! After only fixing 2 syntax errors my DSDT would compile, I did not do anything else (yet) to it. If you are able to compile I think you are good to go, you can always modify more once snow leopard is running... right Put your DSDT.aml somewhere on your desktop, don't forget that it has to be uppercase! (I made this mistake, Chameleon didn't recognize it ) Also, DSDTSE has a lot of build in troubleshooting for errors. When there is an error they provide example code and how to fix it. Really nice program! Getting kexts Mister RuUb has posted his driver package a couple of posts back, and they all worked for me! So, download them and save them on your desktop with the DSDT file.... The WiFi works out of the box so you won't need drivers for that.. These kexts worked for me so hopefully you guys will have as much luck as me. I don't think you need to use his DSDT as well, but you can use it as comparison to fix your own. I don't know if it is bad but it is always better to use your own DSDT I guess, it is much more fool-proof.. Installing OS X Now this is something that can be done the easy way (my method) with some additional hardware, or with any other way. I am not going to explain other methods, I think there is so much information about the installing itself that I don't need to repeat it here. 1: I bought a new HDD, a WD Scorpio Black 320GB. I wanted my laptop to be FAST, so I picked the fastest 2.5 inch that I could find at that moment. (it really is faster than the Seagate Momentus that was in my laptop) 2: I bought a 2.5 inch HDD USB case, which is usefull for many many reasons: - you have just bought a USB-SATA interface that you can use to acces your HDD to fix things - you can put your old drive in it and have a small external HDD that you can have as backup (10.5.6 is still installed on this disk) - I can always fix things on my main drive, I just need to swap the HDD in my laptop with the one that still has 10.5.6 on it and acces the new HDD with the USB-SATA interface... 3: I downloaded 10.6 A432, and installed it using this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/ What you will do is: - Format the hard drive you want to install OS X on. This is something you can do on any Mac, if you have the external USB-SATA thingy. There are other ways offcourse, but this is very easy - chown the external drive, see the guide - install OS X without rebooting, this is FAST! It took only 12 minutes to install OS X Snow on my external disk - install chameleon 2 RC4 on the external disk - put your DSDT.aml file and the kexts from RuUb at the Extra/ folder. I assume there is enough information on how to modify kext permissions etc, so I will not go in detail here Now, remove IOATAFamily.kext from the Extensions folder. This little baby gave me Kernel panics, and in 10.6 the DVD did not work anymore. Strangely, in 10.6.3 it worked again, sooo... don't know what's happening Now what? At this moment (if you followed me) you will have a hard drive with a fresh OS X on it, your modified DSDT, and some kexts. You can choose to put a apple.com.boot.plist in the Extra folder as well. Now, put your hard drive back into your laptop and cross your fingers and power it on. Don't forget to turn on debug mode and offcourse -v, because otherwise you won't see what's happening. Also, give x64 a try, you want this baby to run 64 bit mode right!? After you are booted it is a good idea to just install 10.6.3 right away, so that you are up to date. For me it worked without a problem, it started without a hickup in 64 bit mode. Conclusions I can't tell you guys enough how easy it is to have a spare HDD and an external interface, because it makes changing things way easier. You can keep your current install just in case things go wrong, and just swap them if you want to run 10.5 (or windows) again. It will cost you like $20 but it is worth it. Also, if you have some spare money, spent it on a good big hard drive! I bought the quickest I could find, and now OS X is starting in like 15 seconds (64 bit). Everything I do feels faster already... Installing software is like, FAST! Now, there are some things not working yet. - When on battery mode the fan stops spinning - There are still some errors while booting, did not have time to look at them. That is the next step in this adventure - USB is painfully slow. There seems to be only USB 1.0. This is something I want to dive into after I finish this post - Closing the lid is not a good idea. Your laptop will go BOOM and freeze. I am thinking about removing the magnet like HexHex did. - Sleep won't work - Shutting down won't shut down. You will need to hold the power button for a few second to really power it off... But, there are some things very nice about this - It is all Vanilla! The only change in the Apple OS is deleting that single .kext file. - Updates will work! Updating to 10.6.3 worked without a problem - You will have a spare HDD with 10.5 on it or any OS to troubleshoot in case you {censored} up. - with the Broadcom wifi your airport will work out of the box at ABG speeds... - Battery indicator works - Sound works, soundplug as well. Even the volume bar will actually raise and lower sound, and if you plug your earbuds in it will switch - touchpad works with multi finger scroll etc. So, well, there is still a lot to fix, but this might help people installing snow on their laptops. If there are any questions or any suggestions, let's fill this thread even more with information! PS: I have a different model 8510w. I have a T9300 processor, a 200 GB HDD, 4GB ram, GeForce FX570, 1680 x 1050 screen PS2: I included my extra folder just in case you are interested in my DSDT.aml file Extra.zip
  9. Sorry no time to respond but will post a tutorial with pics etc as soon as I can
  10. Wow! Oke, I will start a post later on on the method I used which worked flawless So I'm running full 64 bit mode with 10.6.3, and apart from some minor issues, it is very very very very very fast! So, I was wondering, did you guys solve: - only 1 USB 2.0 port, rest is listed as USB 1.0 - sleep - fan not spinning on battery (can become really hot in seconds without a fan) apart from that there are still some weird error messages while starting up but it is speedy so I am not really in the mood of {censored} things up right now.... PS: not that I have installed an other wifi card that can be ordered from HP -> the Broadcom a/b/g card... Full Airport support RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!
  11. Hi guys Wondering if anyone has some advice on the DSDT table of this machine... I can't seem to compile... Did you upgrade your BIOS or did anything particular? I have an external WD Scorpio Black with an USB interface that I want to use to install Snow and then swap my old drive with this new loaded baby.. So I don't have to mess with my 10.5.6 install... So, please, share some info with: - what did you do to get your DSDT.aml - how did you install Snow? - does it all run stable and good?
  12. Hi all I'm still running 10.5.7 because I use my laptop as a primary machine for project work, and I can not afford to be out of business for longer than a few days. So I did not try installing Snowy on my machine yet. How did it go with you guys, is it safe to install now? I should: - compile my DSDT for snow leopard - use the newest EFI shizzle etc - use a vanilla Snow Leopard DVD as image - use your drivers (RuUb) I should be safe to try right? I am thinking of backing up my system with SuperDuper to an external drive, if I mess up. How easy is it to replace everything if it goes wrong and going back to the good old working 10.5.7?
  13. Anyone info about DSDT not compiling?
  14. iATKOS v7 on HP 8510w

    You should install the package provided by HexHex with a retail install... Then your OS will rock, not flawless, but with some minor issues. Check the forum for: Installer package 10.5.6 And yes, use the search. There are 3 topics about this laptop
  15. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Hi I have the HP 8510w, a very similar lappy. Could you guys put some specifications of your system here and perhaps an DSDT file? Hopefully I can compare some stuff and see if we can help eachother I am at the TU/e and there are about 150 Industrial Design students on the HP 8510w and about 150 students on an HP 8530w so if it works they will all be very happy to transfer to macs I think. (at least, that's my experience, if they see the apple logo when I startup they are asking all sorts of stuff)