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  1. A few programs also quit right after you open them Toast is one of them. I wish I kept my backup.
  2. First time that I followed your guide I didn't do anything special to get the graphic card working in 10.5.2. You'll be amazed to know what a noob I am when it comes to OSX86, yet I managed to run my workstaion for months without any problems, thanks to your guide. But now I don't know where to begin, what is the EFIStudio that you mentioed, google didn't seem to help. Thanks.
  3. First have to thank pcwin for the great amount of work and time he put into making this guide and the great control center. I followed the guide and everything seem to work great except the graphic card. Basically any program that tries to use the GPU will crash, so VLC crashes, mplayer barely works, and pic-lens causes firefox to crash, screen saver is very slow and jerky. Also display rotation is no longer available as an option, which was something I used quiet often. Any idea what the core problem might be?
  4. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    I wanted to buy this keyboard with a DBT-122 dongle today but now I'm afraid to run into the same problem.
  5. New Search Platform

    search is not working for me either.
  6. Dude that's great, is there gonna be a guide to update from 5.2 to 5.4 or just a fresh installation guide?
  7. I'm really interested to upgrade to 10.5.4 so when the 5.5 comes out I'll do a fresh install. But I'd rather wait for the proper instructions from pcwiz because I'm afraid to break things
  8. Anyone has their DVD-ROM not functioning sometimes because "Put HD to sleep where possible" in the Energy Saver is enabled?
  9. Two things you should know 1) Leopard does not require a cd key to install, apple could not know if you have a legit operating system running or not to block updates like Microsoft does. 2) Follow the guide exactly as it's written by pcwiz and you could download almost all of the updates without any issues straight from apple. (except major updates for example from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3, The other update you want to avoid is the Time machine airport update.)
  10. "Applying this firmware updater to a D-Link USB to Bluetooth adapter will make it incompatible with non-Macintosh system" So this means the dongle won't work under the same hakintosh running XP?
  11. UAD PCI/PCIe DSP Cards

    Both the PCI and the PCIe work. I have used my cards on a few different systems (PC XP Cubase, PC OSX86 Logic, PPC G5 Logic) and I must say the Mac drivers are way better. These cards are far more stable running under a hackintosh than a PC. And they just had a $100 price drop so you don't want to buy used since it takes time for the used items to have their prices adjusted according to the brand new.
  12. Good budget setup, but if you want to use it as a DAW you might want to look into a bit faster CPU or even a Quad. And I suggest a WD6400AAKS over the seagate.
  13. You won't have any interference problems with the thermalright Ultra-120 and DS4, I have a Ninja which is way bigger than the thermalright. For the PSU I still suggest you to go for seasonic, they are a very respected brand, they also manufacture PSU for Corsair. Their PSUs are reliable, cool and quiet. If you shop around maybe you could find a Enermax EMD625AWT for the price of a seasonic, this PSU is suggested over the best seasonic.
  14. Looks good, My advice is to get a thermalright Ultra-120 over zalman, and maybe a seasonic power supply. And how about the GPU?