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  1. Clean Up Chameleon 2.0rc1

    i had auto boot before, when i switched to retail it stopped working.
  2. Clean Up Chameleon 2.0rc1

    Well back to post, anyone know why I do not have auto boot. I must select which drive to boot from. It does not count down. Also it lists all of my partitions as bootable leaving a rather cluttered look.
  3. Clean Up Chameleon 2.0rc1

    Anyone help on this site? No one run in to this?
  4. Clean Up Chameleon 2.0rc1

    I installed leopard retail and for some reason I have no auto boot. Drive is setup as MBR. Also is it possible to get rid of drives that are not bootable. I have 7 hds and all show up on list looks cluttered. Thanks
  5. Retail leopard hangs after first boot. I install retail leopard no problem install 10.5.5 post patch reboot into retail no problem after restart just hangs on grey screen with apple booted verbose mode The reportcrash keeps coming
  6. Finally got Retail Leopard to install, Everything seems to work fine except, I cannot see any of my IDE HDs and I do not have ps2. Anyone able to give me a hand. Thanks
  7. How to make image of CD/DVD

    Not sure if this is the right forum, Im a mac newb. I used a program in windows all the time called imgburn. Is there anything similar for leopard. I am trying to make an image of a mac office cd I bought. How do i do this. Thanks
  8. winxp messed up my Leopard partition, pls help

    same thing happened to me, ended up just reinstalling leopard. Windows removes the MBR from the leopard partition when it flags its own partition. I would do research on reloading your bootloader. If you have the space you could restore your mac partition to a different harddrive. then partition your existing leopard partion and only install the bootloader then restore from extra hard drive to your new drive.
  9. No keyboard in VMWARE FUSION

    Tried using USB keyboard no change.
  10. I'm assuming you want to load xp with vmware inside os x. You need to close vmware. load terminal type sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX - where x is the disk number of which xp is on type print -- look for an * next to your HFS partition find what number your xp partition is type flag X -- XP partition type write say y leave terminal open, goto vmware create new connection your connection should now show up. play around exit. go back to terminal type flag X -- you osx partion type write say yes reboot
  11. No keyboard in VMWARE FUSION

    i don't think you can boot existing partitions with Virtualbox. At least I cannot figure it out. Prefer to not reinstall windows. No luck with parallels either. Get error message cannot write to drive do not have write permissions. WTF
  12. No keyboard in VMWARE FUSION

    nobody has this problem?
  13. Anyone run in to this. Mouse works fine both a ps/2 or usb. keyboard does nothing. light is on. It is a ps/2 keyboard i can see windows log in screen but cannot type in password. Using vmware fusion
  14. Anyone have Poor hd video playback?

    Thank you..Im fixed to... Deleted efi string installed corevidia works great. I cant say thanks enough you rock. My Mac is complete....well until next week