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  1. Atasher

    Help! ASUS K501UX

    Hey, I know its a bit late but I did get it to work. If you still need help. Let me know.
  2. Atasher

    Error 4095/4096 on DSDT

    That was it. Thank you. I feel so dumb, lol.
  3. Hey guys, I am receiving 9 errors no warnings or remarks and I can't figure out what the issue is. Can someone please help? DSDT: https://ufile.io/f5d01
  4. Atasher

    Help! ASUS K501UX

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to the scene and recently successfuly installed El Capitan 10.11 on the Asus K501UX The specs are: Core i7-6500u, 8GB RAM, GTX 950M (DISABLED), HD520 Everything seems to be in good working order thanks to Ludwig Bartholomew for guiding me and helping me through the process. But, I keep recieving a Kernel Panic everytime I have the VoodooI2C kext installed for the trackpad to function. If I remove it everything works fine except for the trackpad which is the issue. Note: I also removed all of the LPSS kext files from the S/L/E to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Atasher

    GUIDE: ASUS K501UX El Capitan

  6. Were you able to find a solution? I am planning on purchasing this laptop.