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  1. Installed Niresh ok, now black screen at boot

    Hi All, I have made a few hackintosh machines previously running SL & ML but am getting stuck now trying to do it on a Compq CQ56-104SA. This is a bit more of a challenge due to the spec of it I think: 2.3 GHz AMD V-Series Processor V140 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics So from my Macbook I downloaded made a USB key image of Niresh 10.8.2. I booted that using the AMD kernel and installed it... and it got to the end, then I rebooted but all I am getting is a black screen. I am having to use GraphicsEnabler=No otherwise I get an error: I am now trying to boot using these flags: GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 -x This will show a brief text display about a bootstrap patch and then the screen goes black. The machine is still doing things as I can hear the hard disk running, then after a while it starts to stop and start the disk a bit more and then the fans increase so I think it is still loading and running things just not showing anything on the screen. Does anyone have any ideas I can try? Obviously the screen was working fine through the installation. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have used this method to install OS X on my Dell Mini and it works perfectly. But I need to be able to dual boot between Leopard and Win XP. The Mini only supports 1 disk (I have upgraded it to 64G so it has room for 2) and I split it into 3 partitions when I installed Leopard. The disk is setup with GUID Partitions: 1 was HFS for OS X 2 was FAT for sharing documents 3 was FAT for installing XP. I tried installing XP but once it had run through copying files from the CD nothing would boot up again. Is there a recommended way I can use to set this up? I have seen guides for multi-booting but ther all seem to be for much older versions of OS X. Thanks! Tony