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    Installed Niresh ok, now black screen at boot

    Hi All, I have made a few hackintosh machines previously running SL & ML but am getting stuck now trying to do it on a Compq CQ56-104SA. This is a bit more of a challenge due to the spec of it I think: 2.3 GHz AMD V-Series Processor V140 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics So from my Macbook I downloaded made a USB key image of Niresh 10.8.2. I booted that using the AMD kernel and installed it... and it got to the end, then I rebooted but all I am getting is a black screen. I am having to use GraphicsEnabler=No otherwise I get an error: I am now trying to boot using these flags: GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 -x This will show a brief text display about a bootstrap patch and then the screen goes black. The machine is still doing things as I can hear the hard disk running, then after a while it starts to stop and start the disk a bit more and then the fans increase so I think it is still loading and running things just not showing anything on the screen. Does anyone have any ideas I can try? Obviously the screen was working fine through the installation. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have used this method to install OS X on my Dell Mini and it works perfectly. But I need to be able to dual boot between Leopard and Win XP. The Mini only supports 1 disk (I have upgraded it to 64G so it has room for 2) and I split it into 3 partitions when I installed Leopard. The disk is setup with GUID Partitions: 1 was HFS for OS X 2 was FAT for sharing documents 3 was FAT for installing XP. I tried installing XP but once it had run through copying files from the CD nothing would boot up again. Is there a recommended way I can use to set this up? I have seen guides for multi-booting but ther all seem to be for much older versions of OS X. Thanks! Tony
  3. tonygoodchild

    Laptop only works on external display

    Yeah I tried that but it didn't seem to work. From what I can understand reading through the forums about NVCAPs and the NVinject drivers the internal display doesn't seem to get set in the same way on the Sony Vaio, so it doesn't let you switch to it. To be honest its a bit over my head, but from what I can tell there isn't a solution *yet* In the meantime as a workaround I have now specified the Graphics Mode in the com.apple.Boot.plist so that at least when I remove the NVinject drivers to travel and I am on the LCD panel the resolution is set to 1280x800 and I'm not seeing 1024x768 stretched out across the screen. Even if it isn't accelerated when I am away at least it looks right :-) Of course this doesn't mean I wouldn't love someone to have the solution LOL
  4. tonygoodchild

    Laptop only works on external display

    Ah I've been reading over on the NVinject forums that this seems to be an issue with the Sony Vaio displays so I guess I will have to put up with it for now. At least I can uninstall NVinject and go back to the standard SVGA driver and display when I need to go on the road and use it, then reinstall NVinject when I get back to the home or office for the better resolutions. WTG to everyone who makes all this possible! Now, off to PC World to try and find a compatible USB Wifi adaptor instead of this built in Intel Pro thing...
  5. Hi, I have been searching through the forums but haven't found this problem anywhere, but apologies if this has been asked already. I have a Sony VGN-FZ11M laptop, it hs an Nvidia 8400M graphics display. I have installed iACTOS and it ran fine, but only in normal SVGA 1024 x 768 resolution. So I then installed the NVinject drivers, now the OS is recognising the 8400 ok, and it can run at higher resolutions, and is 3d accelerated, however it will not run on the laptop display, only through the external display. The system will start to boot on the LCD display, and I can see it running in verbose mode all the way through to starting NVinject, then the LCD just goes black and the external display turns on. If I don't have an external display connect, the LCD still just sits there black. Is there anything I can do to get the LCD display in the laptop running? Many thanks!