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  1. Leopard on Eee PC

    Yeah, that new tablet from Apple... Man, that's the best vaporware out there! I can't wait to buy that non-existent product. (I only hope the handwriting recognition is better than my old Newton MP 100.) Cheers!
  2. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    My first Mac was the Mac SE, back in 1988. My first color Mac was also the first Mac that offered color-- The Macintosh II. I'm still a Mac user. I haven't built or bought a Hackintosh yet, but I plan to. I want a value ultra-portable for offloading of digital pics, journalling, and checking email on the go. Mac portables are too expensive for my budget and too big for my camera bag. A Hackintosh just might fit the bill. I will remain a Mac user. I will still buy Apple products. My Hackintosh will not be my main computer, but a supplement to my Apple hardware. While several of you have correctly pointed out that Apple hardware is more expensive, I can only offer this retort: Apple hardware just works with the OS. It always has in my experience. My PC trials and tribulations drove me to the Mac, and my continuing problems with Windows (from 3.1 to Vista) only serve to reaffirm my belief in Apple products-- My Linux experiences make Windows seem insanely great. The simple fact is that when a single company supplies both the operating system and the hardware they can produce a platform with fewer compatibility issues and far fewer hassles for the consumer. Yes, I know I am stoopid-dumb for even considering a Hackintosh with that said. But my planned hack has been done before, and many pitfalls have been documented-- I want to run OS X on an Asus EeePC. Apple offers nothing in the sub-notebook department, but that is what I need... something cheap that will fit my camera bag. (If my hack doesn't work, I can still run the Linux OS that it ships with as a backup plan.) There are many Apple hardware loyalists out there... Their industrial design is (usually) forward thinking and dependable. Cheers! P.S.: During the 'Dark Times' at Apple, under the reigns of Scully and Amelio, I tried out Yellow Dog Linux-- a Red Hat derivation-- on my PPC 7100. (Yes, I thought about jumping-ship when Apple sucked... I'm not _that_ freakin' loyal.) I currently run YDL Linux on my old blue-and-white G3 tower. Despite the extra work required to set up properly, I like Linux due to its superior configurability (way cooler than Mac or Windows) and have made it play nice with my networked Mac OS X minis. So for me, hacking a UMPC that already runs Linux is not much of a risk. (In fact, if more commercial software was available for Linux, I'd reconsider jumping-ship!)
  3. I can't figure why the wallpaper would be a deciding factor. That said, scaling up an image in the 'Desktop & Screensaver' control panel using OS X's built in graphics produces results that aren't bad. Will it look the same? No, not if you look close. When I recently switched from a 17 inch CRT to a 22 inch flatscreen, I chose to scale up some of my favorite desktop pics in Photoshop, which produced much better results. If you do not own Photoshop, or if it is out of your budget, download GIMP. GIMP is freeware and produces comparable results. (I wish GIMP was around in '91 when I first purchased Photoshop.) Bottom line: don't let this wallpaper be the deciding factor in your purchase. That's plain silly. BTW, as a digital photography hobbyist working with a 1680 x 1050 native resolution, I envy you. Cheers!