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  1. try this and leave feedback https://mega.nz/#!WJEQyAIL!TxycWeh2gFzTIZF5rd6ITWXp-KeeMkImaC3pUZ5-Kzo
  2. To use SDcard reader you have to mod a kext. later i could send you mine.
  3. Clover General discussion

    no log in library path... I generate it with clover configurator... is it ok for you? bootlog.log.txt
  4. Clover General discussion

    I set only intel inject... All is working, full res, can't provide log now sorry ...but can attach pic
  5. Clover General discussion

    i've a dell 7140 with hd5300, if you need i could test
  6. HD5650 and Clover on El Capitan

    so, I use this settings: use Clover configurator go to Graphics tab and set Custom EDID 00FFFFFFFFFFFF0030E4E3020000000000140104902213780AA9059F5E589C2619505400000001010101010101010101010101010101581B567E50000E302430350058C210000019000000000000000000000000000000000000000000FE004C4720446973706C61790A2020000000FE004C503135365748342D544C42310060 Dual Link 0 FB Name Megalodon Vram 1.024 Video Ports 2 Load Vbios, Patch VBios, Inject EDID and Inject ATI ON BOOOM .....all will works
  7. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

    I use Megalodon frame buffer and all is working ok
  8. Hi all

    Hi... I'm not new in the scene but i'm not a GURU like most of you. I hope to be useful to community and give and receive suggestion to make our hackintosh always at the top.