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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    Thanks to all the post, I finally get 10.7.2 installed on my x61 tablet 7762-54u. Thanks to vampyrex13's dsdt file, which help me find the sound using modified AppleHDA. I updated 10.7.3 yesterday succefully. But there are still two flaws that bothering me (1). Sometimes, usually after reboot or unplug the AC power, during booting, after the gray apple icon, there would be a flash and the screen splits into pieces, looks like this., I could only see the very left part of the screen, and been divided into 3:1 and it seemed that it shrink into 3/4 of the original resolution. I don;t know how to get it back, First I thought it was the video driver's issue, but none of the appleintelgmax3100 and framebuffer kext I found on the internet would work, this situation continues. if I got lucky, I could get the perfect display back after power off, or by type in -x or -s, but I still can't find a solution that consist. (2). The Tablet is also a mystery. I could find the tablet after TabletEnabler, Tabletmagic and enable the serial port in BIOS. I could also get it start to draw on corel. But before you know, the cursor will jump back to the right bottom corner of the screen, When I got back into the Tabletmagic setting panel, the range is changed, the tablet is changedfrom ISD V4.0 into ISD V20 or something else(I tried both WACF004 and WACF008 in Apple16x50 in SLE and legacyx61T.kext under EE). I have to reset the range and remap, which is quite annoying. Could someone help me. Thanks!