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  1. Sound lost after reboot (STAC 9228)

    Macgirl, you say you had it once. What did you do differently? Perhaps there is a way to set a script to install these kexts upon startup or before shutdown, so this issue is somewhat nullified. I'm not a unix type of guy, so I wouldn't know how to do that. EDIT: Workaround: To any 9228 users with the sound never turning all the way down problem, you can select "internal headphones" on your sound control panel to turn off the sound. Inconvenient, but it works.
  2. Sound lost after reboot (STAC 9228)

    Hey Taruga, thanks for the quick reply. Here is the ioreg.txt on the reboot after I install the kexts. After the first reboot, sound works fine, but I cannot mute it, even on the lowest sound level on the slider. Anything over the lowest is very loud. Also attached is the ioreg.txt after second reboot, when sound is lost. At this point, no sound works at all. Other issues: Headphones do not cause internal speakers to mute. ioreg_after_install.txt ioreg_after_second_reboot.txt
  3. Sound lost after reboot (STAC 9228)

    My system: Vostro 1400 C2D 1.4 Ghz 2 GB RAM iATKOS 1.0i install 10.5.2 update through Apple's ComboUpdate Sigmatel STAC 9228 I can install the kexts for Sigmatel 9228 in Taruga's thread with kext helper 0.7b by tagging cache update, and the first reboot works great. However, the second reboot will cause it to lose functionality. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks!
  4. FAQ & RULES

    By the way, Knoppix distro link is broken. You can delete the last part of the link and you'll go into the directory though.