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  1. I did some long troubleshooting on this one and I think I finally fugured it out. When searching for the "Timeout waiting for IOKit to be quiet" error I found many people mentioning Logitech mice as an issue. It turns out even on Macs there is an issue with Logitech devices on Lion. Unplugged both those devices (keyboard and mouse) but still had the issue. Some more reading led me to the fact that the IOKit errors have to do with USB (which makes sense again). I unplgged all my USB devices and found that 2 other ones were hurting me as well. I have a small 3rd party cheapy bluetooth dongle and also I have a Viewsonic P815 screen with a USB hub built into the base. Either of those can cause the problem to appear. I am now pretty bare on the USB plugged devices. I have an external DVD burner, my mouse and KB which are both MS and that's about it. When in OSX and I plug in a flash card reader or an external HD for my photo library I don't have any issues. Hope this helps!
  2. I have this problem on my machine - a desktop - completely different hardware but for me it's becomming anoying. Have you found a fix for this yet? Seems to me like it's either Chameleon related like you or perhaps kext related.
  3. Quoting myself here! I made a hardware change and it's back. I decided to boot off my installation media and even the OSX boot image I made for installation with this guide has the same issue. When the initial screen appears it takes 5-6 minutes before I can select the arrow to move forward in the process. Once it's done I can go through the menus normally. Any ideas? I think it's a KEXT or something that is wrong. I can't explain it though and lots of searching has revealed nothing so far.
  4. So for the mouse click issue when logging in? The issue was that when I clicked on the icon for my user it would take 5-6 minutes for the password box to appear. I meddled with it so much that the computer would no longer boot. Being a good little IT person - I had my backup handy so I booted off the same boot media and did a TimeMachine restore from a couple of days prior. Low and behold the issue is gone and I can't explain why or how. To be honest this restore point had the problem. The BIOS was the same as when I had the problem (version and settings) but it works. Can anyone explain this? Is there some sort of re-detection of hardware when you restore from TM?
  5. As did I. I had the FB version so I flashed to the FFb (beta) and still had the same issue. So then I went to the FA and still had the same issue. No change.
  6. Hi Twinnie, I am having what seems to be the same issue. I have a LONG pause where I have no action from the mouse or keyboard (mouse does move but no click) and I just have to wait. I have been looking a lot and have not found anything on the web for this issue. Strange thing is that this didn't happen with the first series of reboots on the machine but crept up as I was installing things. I think I did some installs and some BIOS changes and I can't nail down what could have started this. As for wireless, mine is a desktop with onboard GB LAN so I am not sure if it works until I am able to login. Any news from your troubles?
  7. Hey guys, long time no post about this but I am experiencing similar problems. I really think it's due to either a BIOS setting or a IO driver. Did you find any more information in your travels?
  8. Okay - little more insight into the issue. It seems that Lion sees the mouse click but is in a state that is unable to accept it. So I clicked my login icon and then waited. After about 9-10 minutes it did change to the prompt for my password. Once I am logged in, everything is normal - responsive and fast. Just that 10 minute login!
  9. It really does appear to be a time issue. I left my machine for 5 minutes and it still didn't work. I had to do something so came back 30 minutes later and I was able to login. I just rebooted now and have the same issue again. I think this might be related to a BIOS setting. What BIOS version are you running? Did you recently update?
  10. Hi Guys, any news on a fix for this? I am having the same issue and I have no idea what change could have caused this. Thanks!
  11. Hey Everyone, Strange thing for me. Someone mentioned this in a post on page 7 or 8 but it was never talked about after they got their sound issue fixed. I have been running 10.7.3 for a few days on my EP45-UD3P and it has been working great. Done some installations and such and many reboots. All successful. Tonight I had to unplug the machine for some work on another machine and when I start it up I no longer can click on my icons on the login page. Mouse moves, keyboard seems to do nothing but the caps lock will light up. Stranger was that I was about to abandon ship, start over and when I booted in OSX on the install drive (from the guide) I had the same problem. I couldn't get past the first screen on the installation either. Any ideas? This has to be a BIOS setting I would assume. I can't imagine anything else - or hardware, but that would be odd as it was just working.
  12. New progress made. I tried removing certain .kexts from the /S/L/E folder and also from a /Extra/Extentions folder that I have due to this installation. None of them made a difference until I put them all back to try and get it working to the point it was before (both internal and external monitors working, no QE). Well now I have all QE working (I don't know how), but only the external screen works. I can't get the build in display to detect. I am baffled Again, looking for ideas. Uh-oh! Starting to talk to myself! After doing a rebuild_mkext I am back to the same issue as before. 2 screens (Both internal and external work) but no QE. Also listed as an Nvidia card again.
  13. I just updated and everything seemed normal at first. Thing looks like Quartz is disabled. I went into the system info and sure enough it's not listed. The wierdest thing is after the update it thinks my video card is NVidia which it's not. I have the GMA950. I don't know how to get out of this without a complete screwing up of my install (it was running so nice). Ideas?
  14. I only have one output in the sound prefs page. Funny you replied because I just was able to get them working again. Something is very strange because for the hell of it when I unplugged the headphones this time and nothing came out of the internal speakers, I shot the headphone connector in the mic/line in jack. As soon as it was in the sound reverted to the internal speakers! How weird is that? Sounds like the detection of the connector is hardware based but the switch is software/driver based and so something is not pointing to the correct address. Any ideas now?
  15. I have been doing a lot of reading in this topic and I haven't see this problem - probably because it is so specific. To start I have the D620 with Intel graphics and am running 10.6.2. It works quite well and I even have the PCMCIA working with the fix from this thread (yay for firewire!). My audio was working quite similarly to everyone else here in that input support is weak but it's not of concern to me really. I tend to switch between headphones and the internal speakers a lot. When I was running 10.5.x I was able to do this after having done a lot of work with the Dell Post Installers. When I first installed 10.6.2 I was able to use the internal speakers. After the first time I plugged in the headphones they would not switch back. The headphones continue to work but the audio card seems to be stuck in that mode and the internal speakers don't work any longer. The interesting thing is that when trying to get the PCMCIA working I pooched the install 100%. I ended up having to do a restore from a TimeMachine backup (holy cow TM rocks!). The first reboot after having restored from TimeMachine by internal speakers were back. Next I tried earphones - which worked. Then unplugging them they are back in a 'stuck' state. Any ideas?