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  1. I'm looking for a GUI development tool with the following requirements: - Possibility to easily develop and modify a GUI with radio buttons, switches, text inputs etc., different GUI pages, menues etc. - Possibility to take over the GUI into an Android or iOS app. - There is no need for graphic effects, just text and controls. I didn't decide which IDE to take for the APP development. It will be quite a simple app, with these special features: Accessing a Bluetooth-LE device and saving a log file. Which GUI tool would you recommend and which (cross-development) IDE would you recommend for that? Thanks in advance!
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    Thank you. I know, this forum is about Apple products, but I also want to develop an Android app and therefore, I would like to use a GUI development tool whose output can be used for both worlds, if there is such a tool. Isn't it possible to develop a GUI which can be imported in different IDEs for iOS and Android or is there an IDE which can be used to develop code for both OS?