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  1. Thank you. I know, this forum is about Apple products, but I also want to develop an Android app and therefore, I would like to use a GUI development tool whose output can be used for both worlds, if there is such a tool. Isn't it possible to develop a GUI which can be imported in different IDEs for iOS and Android or is there an IDE which can be used to develop code for both OS?

  2. I'm looking for a GUI development tool with the following requirements:
    - Possibility to easily develop and modify a GUI with radio buttons, switches, text inputs etc., different GUI pages, menues etc.
    - Possibility to take over the GUI into an Android or iOS app.
    - There is no need for graphic effects, just text and controls.

    I didn't decide which IDE to take for the APP development. It will be quite a simple app, with these special features: Accessing a Bluetooth-LE device and saving a log file.
    Which GUI tool would you recommend and which (cross-development) IDE would you recommend for that?
    Thanks in advance!