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  1. Asus EEE 1215N

    sorry i ment the vesa standerd compatability resolutions. which are as i listed above and couple lower 1s i looked thru the list that is shown by chameleon if u go to grafics options menu or what ever its labaled as. would be nice if there was a place u could edit those and add ur own res but i assume thats what chameleon does if it knows ur chipset ? sorry new to this lol but have managed to triple boot my 1215n now osx win7 ubuntu 10.10 all working nicly even flash plays on osx aslong as its not HD lol would just love some video acceleration and native resolution to work any 1 know how to get rid of the merklot stop message about unknown chipset ?
  2. Asus EEE 1215N

    well as far as i was aware you could only set 4:3 resolutions that are suported nativly (1024x768 800x600 1280x1024) not any custom resolution ? as i have tryed this with various resolutions and non work even 1366x768. they next standerd res higher than 1024x768 is 1280x1024 which as u can see is 2 large verticly for the sceen. just my experience
  3. Asus EEE 1215N

    only if u boot into windows and look in device manager i think. i have auk 1215n ordered from amazon and it has a the broadcom card good luck
  4. Will Asus 1215n capable to install macosx

    Hi every one 1st post so go easy had my 1215n for about 3 weeks now nice machine got ubuntu and win 7 on it waiting to upgrade the memory as there seems to be some issue there. anywayz been trying to turn it into my first hackintosh. ive tryed using the 1201n netbook installer form the 1201 thread. ive also tryed the iportable relese but could never get this to boot from usb stick (i dont have a usb cddrive yet). i also tryed using chamelon to boot of the iportable stick which would allwasy say cannot find kernel even if i tryed specifying the path to the various kernels on disk. i also tryed booting of the vanila snow disk but would panic with a kernel error cant rember which 1 will try again and post back. this was also using netbook maker 0.83 ? i think . tryed .84 but was on vmware and said it wouldnt load on this version of the os (10.5.4? and i know it says in the 1201 thread to keep the host os the same as the install disk eg both 10.6 but havnt had access to 1 yet! so maybe thats throwing in problems ) borrowing a mac for an hour 2moz so i can try running the program on 10.6 and see if i can get it to post. if any 1 can help any more or need me to try anything let me know. (also b0rked my vmware install as tryed updating with out using the download(used software update which apparently kills it) gonna try getting it up and running again. also as u can tell i registerd some time ago lol 2008 and this is my 1st post ha! been lurking for a while but allways had AMD systems so new there were more issues so never got on with it. came back recently looking at the 1201n for hackintosh, but waited for the 1215 as wanted the battery life InoXio