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  1. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    Is there anyway i can burn it on a Windows PC? My Macbook doesn't burn DVD : (
  2. Leopard Not Recognizing User Accounts

    I also tried that. you still have to login in safe mode
  3. Leopard Not Recognizing User Accounts

    I tried resetting the password and typing in root in the "guest" section but it's not working. and im also kinda confused on what you ment by Then, type "useradd <username>" and then "passwd <username> <password>". Reboot. where would i type that in? in the installation it has an option to preserve your old files and put it in a folder.
  4. I tried to install Leopard Build 9A321 through my ipod. I'm running on a Macbook. The first time i tried to install Leopard it froze half way through installation. I then restarted the pc and had to restore my Macbook back to OSX Tiger After i reinstalled Tiger i tried one more time to install Leopard. It got about half way when it froze again. A blue screen appeared shortly after and i waited patiently about 30 minutes? before i power cycled my macbook for the second time. I let it start up normally to see if i had to reinstall Tiger. and to see if anything happened. Apparently Leopard was installed. But now my user account isn't appearing in the login screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  5. Installation Problem With 10.4.3 Build 8F1111a

    how do i format it so that OS X can read it no no that's quite alright, i should have put mroe information i jsut honestly didnt think it mattered but thanks.
  6. Installation Problem With 10.4.3 Build 8F1111a

    Well ive been successful enough to get this far i was jsut thinking that maybe i didnt do the partition right, but thanks i guess
  7. Installation Problem With 10.4.3 Build 8F1111a

    Well im not really sure what a SATA drive is but i have a Compaq Presario AMD Sempron Processor, SSE2, NTFS
  8. I'm having a problem when installing 10.4.3 Build 8F1111a when i get to the third" Select Install Destination" step is ask where to install osx but doesn't list any options. If anyone can help me i'd appreciate it