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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if this has been tried before and how to solve this issue: I am on ESXI 5.0.0, succesfully installed and upgraded OS X to 10.6.8. I have (I think successfully, see second screenshot below) done a PCI passthrough of my Nvidia Quadro 2000 to the OS, however I don't think this is being fully recognized as the system is still using the emulated ESXI video card (firstscreenshot) and i get no signal through the DVI in the card. I have tried some of the methods (aquamac/gfxutil and EFIstudio, downloaded Tonymac's drivers for Nvidia) that actually work if I do a 'straight' OS X install on the machine - but do not seem to work on the vanilla install on ESXI. Any ideas on how to force OS X to recognize and use my card? My goal is to run Win7 and OS X in parallel and full functionality with 2 Quadros (passthrough worked after a bit of fiddling in Win7 and I have as far as I can see full card functionality) so this is a case of being sooooo close yet so far away. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks again for all your efforts in getting OS X to ESXI
  2. Hi Donk, Thanks for taking the time to help out! I have tried your file and it now installs as shown in the .pdf. I then created a VM in vSphere and all the 'corrected' lines for os X are already in the .vmx file which is a nice touch. However in starting the console the OS X install DVD is not recognized at all despite being mounted (I have tried both ISO and physical drive). No trace of the darwin kernel loading. I think ESXi might be reverting the code to the freeBSD VM? I have tried mounting the Darwin ISO (I know this is not standard procedure from reading this thread) and then ESCAPE-F5 swap for the install DVD - this brings me to the apple logo flashing for a second before the VM reboots. I then referred to the boot string on page 85 of this thread and tried again - it seems like the loading from the DVD lasts a bit longer but I get a reboot again. Has anyone else tried installing with the new file? Is there another step I am missing (I have tried going through the thread but some information seems now outdated)? Thanks again for all your efforts
  3. Hi all, Newbie here so bear with me. First of all thank you for all your work in getting os x up and running in ESXi. I am following the .pdf instructions and run into what I think might be a linux issue: I chmod +x the setup.sh file, and when I try ./setup.sh it comes back with 'file not found'. I know the chmod has worked cause the file changes color to green/executable if I issue 'ls'. I tried 'sh setup.sh --install' and I get setup.sh: set: line 2: illegal option - This is a fresh install of ESXi 4.1(u1) - the latest on the website - and I have tried 'chmod 777' on all the folders up to where setup.sh is stored in case this was a permissions issue. I still can't directly use './setup.sh' after the above. Any ideas? Thanks