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  1. Sucesses with JaS 10.4.6...

    Great install on my HP Pavilion zx5000. Intel 3.2 ghz with hyperthreading. Still only scored a high teens in on the xbench but it does seem alot faster than the 10.4.3 that I did have on prior. The SoundMax sound still doesn't work but that's okay. I'm just happy the wireless works! (Oh yeah, don't use the radion mobile drivers, fubars everything).
  2. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    I just finished downloading, now seeding. What was everyone elses MD5 checksum? I got 5C88E09705EBDE2BAF1BF19832BDD37A *10.4.6.install.dvd.iso
  3. SoundMax AD198x - AC97 Sound

    No luck here Ben.
  4. SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Not working

    There is so much going on in that thread that I can't tell what is valid and what is just going to screw up my computer...
  5. SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Not working

    When following the Wiki guide for sound. When it says *other ids* what do I put in there? Do I simply put my vendor ID of 1002 or do I put in 0x001002?
  6. SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Not working

    Anyone have any knowledge that they might share?
  7. I'm trying to install my audio. The info I have is Ven_1002 Dev_4341. I tried a few different things I found in different threads but nothing has worked for me. Does anyone know what I could try to get my sound working?
  8. My quest for native 10.4.3. (it's not working)

    Got it, thanks!
  9. Dual booting after OSX install

    Got it, I had to extend the time the darwin boot loader showed up. It just blinked at first, now it stays on a full 8 seconds = ). Then I put chain0 in my windows directory after changing the active partition to the partition with windows on it with fdisk. Finally I edited my boot ini and there she be. Working like a champ.
  10. Right now both Windows xp and osx are sharing a 80 gig hard drive on my laptop. The xp partition has around 70 gigs and the osx has around 10. I installed OSX after XP so right now I boot into OSX. My question is, what's the easiest way to be able to dual boot so I can choose either xp or OSX?
  11. My quest for native 10.4.3. (it's not working)

    I tried the same thing the next day and it worked = ). I'm typing this reply in mac now. Only problem is I need to be able to boot back into windows... How complicated is it?
  12. My quest for native 10.4.3. (it's not working)

    I've had some progress. I made another dvd and it actually booted up. So I backed up my hard drive to install mac. After I rebooted it woudln't boot up anymore. I got the error "transaction past the completion deadline bus 71".
  13. My quest for native 10.4.3. (it's not working)

    I downloaded the dvd again and got 16139AE55AC283C114A5231F85C3F54C as the check, what is it suppost to be? Edit: Also, how do you make a "physical disk image" use IDE? Mine wants to use SCSI and I'm assuming that's why my VM won't boot.
  14. My quest for native 10.4.3. (it's not working)

    When I delete the old hard drive and add the new one, it won't boot of the dvd or a mounted image, strange.
  15. I've been trying to install this on my laptop for the last couple weeks now (hp pavilion zx5000, 3.2ghz hyperthreading, 1GB, 80GB HDD, SSE, SSE2 ect ect...) I first installed this in VMWare and it installed, booted, and runs just perfectly. Coudln't be happier... or could I . After a few other problems (I'll get to them in a minute) I changed the number of processors from 1 to 2. This resulted in the Virtual machine not booting. After I installed 10.4.3. the jas2 patch dvd on my vmware I attempted a native install. I burnt a dvd with nero and it loaded to the gray circle with a slash through it. DOH. So I read and figured out that -v would show me what was going on. So I punched in -v on my next boot and it said "still waiting for root device". More reading lead me to try rd=disk0s1. This got me past the "still waiting for root device" error. The error I'm currently stuck on is when it says "panic cpu" or something like that, next time I reboot I'll take a picture of it. I think the problem might be the hyperthreading. I'd like to disable it to find out but my bios doesn't have the ability to turn it off. Can anyone help this poor soul?