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  1. Cheapest install EVER

    Yeah, as most people probably have some old hardware lying around..this is definitely a cheap way to go, but a way that works also. I have noticed alot of recommendations but none were what I would want to pay so I thought I would post my setup. Definitely cheap and DEFINITELY works. This setup probably could make a WIKI for the cheapest MAC around. TAKE THAT MAC MINI....even configuring with a hard drive and case I could keep it under 200
  2. see my post under cheapest install ever....the biostar is UBER cheap off newegg.com and honestly I took a small chance buying it knowing it was open box with NOTHING besides a MB. It booted and installed OSX86 alongside windows home server. See my post for details, but honestly I couldnt see spending 100 dollars for a MB for osx and selected this based on components. I used Kalyway 10.5.1 install dvd, installed nothing upon boot, everything WORKED...sound ethernet all drives seen...truly felt like I installed on a real mac...well almost, had to use mbr
  3. Component Advice

    I just placed a post above on an EXTREMELY cheap build. I chose this LONG before I ordered it and researched every component. I used Kalyway 10.5.1 and am getting ready to patch to 10.5.2. See my build on my post titled Cheapest install EVER. It may not be the cheapest but it has to be close. This SHOULD guide you to what to purchase. I patched NOTHING....everything worked upon install using Kalyway, just read my install notes...
  4. I thought I would post my experience to help others. First off the main purpose of this box is to run windows home server, but on days when I feel like tinkering at my desk I use OSX86 on the same box. My total install with components are below showing taxes and shipping coming to 117$ with a 10 dollar mail in. This board comes with GMA 950 so you do not have to buy a video card and has full support with osx 86. Also this is the good part, installation with 10.5.1 is simple, format the drive you are installing on, make sure you NAME the drive and use journaled. Select MBR in customization and install. Sound works, Video works, ethernet works. I did NOTHING upon booting, everything worked. I use the 100 dollars as the lowest install cost as most people have a spare drive lying around and an old case. This MB is TINY and the processor runs extremely cool for what it is. This to me is great for a development box to get a feel for OSX86...I have never seen anyone use a Conroe-L and thought it would be nice for others to see a low cost alternative...anyone Beat this???? Qty. Product Description Track 1 Open Box: BIOSTAR 945G Micro 775 SE LGA 775 Intel 945G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Item #: N82E16813138048R Return Policy: Open Box Item Return Policy Track 1 Intel Celeron 420 Conroe-L 1.6GHz LGA 775 35W Single-Core Processor Model BX80557420 - Retail Item #: N82E16819116040 Return Policy: Processors (CPUs) Return Policy Track 1 Crucial 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory Model CT12864AA667 - OEM Item #: N82E16820146571 Return Policy: Memory (Modules, USB) Return Policy Please be aware that Newegg does not deliver packages on Saturdays or Sundays. Delivery attempts will be made on weekdays only. Subtotal: $99.97 Tax: $9.25 Shipping: $7.83 Total: $117.05 PS I am using Kalyway, great job on that...
  5. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    Another dissapointed gateway osx86 user. Followed every guide on the internet and cannot force 1280x768x32 res. Enabled quartz with artifacting. Currently using gateway cx210x. No sound, no wireless, no power management. None of this bothers me until I can get the resolution to change to be correct as I cannot stand 1024x768 default. I have tried just about everything but cannot get resolution to be forced with x1400...if anyone can get this working properly I would gladly donate 20$ to their paypal account for their efforts. My email is 87boosted@gmail.com if anyone gets this working properly or can explain to me how to force the resolution...