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  1. MacOS X on PC (theory)

    This is part of my earlier point. Perhaps Apple is better off redefining its business model. If the average Mac consumer knew that they're paying double for hardware, then this gives Apple a bad name. Why not dump this bad business and move into a different arena. Apple can still create nifty hardware designs, but with off-the-shelf hardware -- and then pass their savings off to the consumer. The Apple loyalist will still buy Apple no matter what is inside the box. Secondly, who says you need to release a broad, generic release of Mac OS X. IMO, I would start off with only 64-bit versions of the OS (for Intel EM64T, AMD64 and PowerPC.) Create strategic partnerships with the likes of Nvidia (and other companies) to obtain quality driver support. You don't need to "support" every piece of harware known to man. Start this off small and in a limited form only. This doesn't require much effort at all, and if the quality is there -- then support is a mute point. I just think Apple needs to really look at itself and decide what makes it a better company. (Note, I didn't say this was without risk.)
  2. Hi All -- This is my first post here. I found this site/forum somewhat by accident. I was looking for the latest scoop on MacOS X -> to x86/x64. I started poking around the forums, and I just couldn't resist posting. :censored2: Well, I haven't heard this idea mentioned anywhere, so I'm curious as to what you think of my theory as to why Steve Jobs (Apple) hasn't released OS X to the PC market. My theory is very simple: Bill Gates. Suppose for just a minute, that when BillG rescued Apple (invested into - I think that was 1995?) -- that BillG and Steve Jobs made a little pact. It goes like this... Bill said to Steve: Hey, the times have changed. We don't need to be enemies. We'll help you make Apple strong again. Arguably this worked -- MS bought into Apple. MS ported Office, IE and other applications. Apple stayed on its side of the fence and developed Mac OS X, IPod, Powerbook, etc. Consumers argued which is better (and this only lined the pockets of Apple and MS with more ca$h.) Perhaps an agreement was reached on who could tread in the others territory..? Now, I don't know Steve Jobs, but I would have to just have to believe that he would *love* to sell OS X to the x86 (PC) market -- *IF* he could. Why not? You can reach millions of users (some who like Windows and those that don't) -- and sell them your applications. (I know this will {censored} people off) -- but lets face it -- the hardware has been virtually the same at times. Yes, one side gets faster or slower than the other -- but inevitably, they catch up. Those of us who understand the internals of both Mac and Windows -- understand that you can't really compare them. Both have Pros and Cons. The only catch is what does Bill Gates think about this idea now. Well, I'm sure he wouldn't like it -- at least not right away. He's not concerned about the server market (MS and Linux lead here) -- but in the consumer market, it would be another thorn to compete with MS. In the end, I think BillG would get thru this just fine. Yes, MS would probably lose some profits here -- however, this would just revitalize both companies to get better. The OSes would *have* to get better. Another ideal sideffect of this release, is what happens to the future hardware. I think we would see the hardware companies actually squirm here. They would have no choice but to "optimize" computing architectures. Standards would also be more likely -- since either OS would likely take advantage of the same core components. Jumping into the future, I also predict that if Apple could release OS X to the marketplace, it would actually *increase* profits for MS and Apple. Anyway, this is just my personal theory, and I'm just curious (especially those in the professional Mac community) -- if I'm way off course here -- and why. Comments?